Nights in Rodanthe


Drama / Romance

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June 29, 2019


Diane Lane as Ellen Morris
James Franco as Sonny / son
Mae Whitman as Tinker Bell
Viola Davis as Martha Schulman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by preppy-3 7 / 10 / 10

Not entirely successful but not a bomb

Dr. Paul Flanner (Richard Gere), a successful surgeon, has his wife leave him, his son (an uncredited James Franco) not respect him and looses a patient he's operating on. Adrienne Willis (Diane Lane) has two children and discovers her husband has cheated on her. They both need to get away. She watches over a beautiful oceanside inn in Rodanthe at the same time he books a room. They're all alone together. You can pretty much figure out the rest. This is what's known as a weepie or a woman's film. It's beautifully shot with a romantic setting and lots of quiet scenes. There's tragedy, romance, more tragedy and an uplifting ending (sort of). The great acting by Gere and Lane helps disguise the fact that this film isn't really about much. Every single bit of the plot is predictable. I rolled my eyes a lot at some of the events. Also it's far too short--I didn't believe the romance between Gere and Lane for a second. If comes out of nowhere and moves VERY quickly. Still the movie does work. The inn itself is absolutely gorgeous and I was in tears by the end along with most of the audience. So it's a predictable but gorgeous movie with some wonderful acting. It doesn't deserve all the criticism it's getting. I give it a 7.

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 9 / 10 / 10

It's a nice romantic film, Diane and Richard make it watchable

Oh, my friend was just dying to see Nights in Rodanthe, I'm convinced she is absolutely in love with Richard Gere, not to mention she just loves romantic movies, so Richard Gere and romance? It's a no brainer, she just had to see this movie, guess who she begged to go with her? Yeah, me, I didn't really want to see it though, it looked too sappy for my tastes, but we got to see it for free, so I figured to just go ahead and give it a fair chance. Well, we saw it today, it was a little better than I expected, which is saying plenty. After seeing the movie Unfaithful, I really wasn't into the whole Diane and Richard being back together on screen, but for some reason they made this story more enjoyable. Even though it was predictable, it was a sweet movie, I hate the sappy movies, despite it's sappiness that I normally resent, it's still a nice movie and was just a breath of fresh air due to the recent movies that we're getting that are either thrillers, comedies, or action. Adrienne Willis is a divorced mother of two who's ex-husband is begging to come back home after a nasty affair he had with one of her friends. She's debating on it since her children want them back together and she feels it should be that way. But when her friend leaves her to run her house on the beach that she rents out to people, Adrienne meets Paul Flanner, a doctor who has had a rough year after loosing a patient on a routine surgery, he's staying in the house with Adrienne. Loosing themselves has been so hard, but when they're together they find themselves once again and bring life back into their world realizing it's OK to be in love once more. Nights in Rodanthe is a nice movie to watch... more so I'd say for either a rental or a matinée, I was more impressed with it than I thought I would be, but it does get predictable, which I hate to say I've just been seeing nothing but predictable films lately. Maybe I should start writing scripts if this is all it takes, I could write a number one movie maybe, wish me luck. But back onto the movie, it has decent acting and does give you watery eyes. It's a nice movie to watch, gives you a little smile and reminds you of the sweeter things in life. Richard and Diane made this movie enjoyable and were lovely on-screen together, it's worth the watch. 6/10

Reviewed by hollyyybuggg07 9 / 10 / 10

Worth my wait....

Ever since they first came to the Outer Banks and filmed the movie (I have lived here my whole life), I have waited for this movie to come out. And I mean waited and waited and waited over a year and a half for this movie and to me, it was worth it. The movie is different from the book but in my eyes, it's still a beautiful piece of work as is the book. In both I cried, there were moments that tore me up. I laughed and I smiled just as much. It's a great movie with a great story line. It's about never giving up on finding that one, the one that will change you forever. The one that will shape your soul and awaken you to a whole new view of life. I have to say that it is possible to meet someone and have them change your life forever, which is what Gere's character did to Lane's. I met the love of my life and at once was completely captivated that I never forgot him or how smitten I was with him until I 'met' him again a year later. For me I could relate to this movie with my whole heart. I think that if you listen and watch the movie with your heart and your hopes you'll see what I'm talking about. It's never too late to find your true love, great work Ms. Lane and Mr. Gere!

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