Nine Lives


Comedy / Drama / Family / Fantasy

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April 8, 2019


Christopher Walken as Det. Stanley Jacobellis
Kevin Spacey as Eugene Simonet
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by skylervonhellsing 9 / 10 / 10


I really can't figure out why so many people consider this film to be so bad. To be honest, I kind of enjoyed it, even though I don't really watch Drama/Comedy/Family movies. There were some funny scenes too and I think that this film shows a perfect example of a life change. In the end, I can say that i was not disappointed in the slightest and I don't regret watching it.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 2 / 10 / 10

I hate karma

Tom "Fire" Brand (Kevin Spacey) is a billionaire tycoon developer who plasters his name all over everything. He doesn't have time for his family who love him in spite of himself. His daughter (Malina Weissman) wants a cat for her birthday and he reluctantly agrees, making the mistake of buying one from Christopher Walken. A series of circumstances places Tom in a coma, while his mind is in the cat. He must re-learn to bond with his family and make the ultimate sacrifice if he is to recover. I loved the film and it is basically family friendly. It touches on the topic of infidelity. I had to keep the cats outside while I watched, I don't want them to get any ideas. Spacey did a remarkable job as expected. Jennifer Garner plays his wife. Simplistic plot.

Reviewed by Maz-hell 2 / 10 / 10

Spacey, Walken... What happened to you, men?!

This movie is the actual definition of having your brain dead. It fails in every way. My cat has defecated better arguments for movies than this. I never even smiled for this piece of cinematic abomination. People are saying "Hey, its for kids" So what? Kids need to be mentally challenged too. Imagine if the little mermaid just started by saying "Ariel was a mermaid. And she married the prince. We are not going to tell you how, but that's the point of the movie. The end. Thanks for the money!". That is how i felt through this entire movie. Lets start with the "hero" of the movie, the guy you are supposed to like (John Doe or Kevin Spacey... Seriously, what happened to you?): He is an egotistic selfish guy with anger issues that has been divorced because of how little he cares about his family, with a son that he does not care about even though they both work for the same company, a daughter that he does not care about and a new wife that he does not care about. His company makes money only for him and the rest of his employees can either shut up or go **** themselves. What does he care about? If his building is going to be the tallest building. That is the central conflict and his only interest. Completely empty and completely pointless. The daughter is, by far, the only actor that was having fun doing this abomination. She wants a cat. Thats the other conflict. A total no brainer, am I right? Buy a cat, or a dog or some pet she can enjoy. Or justify a reason why not. What does this thing does? The dad buys a cat from a weird guy (Captain Koons or Christopher Walken, What happened to you man?) And by some method never explained he is transferred or something into the cat's body. His body gets into a coma and the weird guy tells him that he has to be a good cat before he dies... In a way that I can't explain before attempting suicide. So the dad does what he can to try to tell his family he is the cat: drinking (totally deadly for a cat), writing (or almost) and being an insufferable a****** with everyone... which is as cat as you can get! Really boring if not completely stupid hi-jinks happen (I am using hi-jinks in the loosest way possible) and he becomes dad again... after killing the cat after jumping a 200 stories building. Or not. It is never explained how the cat appears at the end alive with nothing broken. And his building is the tallest at the end! Yay?. The CGI is atrocious. A blind from a pacific island could have considered it an abomination by any standard. The music never fits with the situation. It is always that wacky tune we have had in movies since Home alone. The "villains" are not only likable, but are justifiably angry about the attitude of their ****** boss and are actually doing a favor to the company. But **** them! said the script. And they got ****** by a deus ex machina so illegal that the pedophile matrix got an erection. With the exception of the daughter every feminine character is so pointless you could have substituted them with a broom with a cardboard drawing nailed to them and you could have gotten the same effect. For me as a cat owner, the people that thought this piece of garbage have never seen a cat outside of a kindergarten drawing. In short: for liking this movie you need to a) not know what a cat is b) have no logic in your brain c) have an IQ under zero d) being able to not notice obvious stupidity and e) like cat videos on the internet. Avoid this piece of garbage.

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