No Escape


Action / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Lance Henriksen as Fr. Ehrlich
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews 6 / 10 / 10

Mad Max meets Fortress

When I first sat down, to see this movie, I wasn't expecting much; In fact, I was preparing myself mentally for a total flop... but it really took me by surprise. It's actually quite interesting, and has some good action sequences. The plot is pretty interesting, and moves along very nicely, quickly moving on, constantly developing. The acting was convincing enough, there wasn't really any scenes that were terrible, even though a lot of the scenes and lines were very corny; it fit perfectly in with the movie, and as such wasn't out of place. It's pretty much a B-movie, but if you like(or just enjoy mildly) B-movies, you'll probably be at least reasonably entertained by it. It's reminiscent of movies like Fortress, but just a little better in that it's very unpredictable; no matter what you think is gonna happen, you'll be surprised again and again by what happens. It's pretty interesting all the way through, it has some good, 80's style action, corny B-movie lines, a B-movie feel throughout the movie... so, if you can watch it for free, either borrow it from a friend, or watch it on TV... if not, only watch it if you're into movies like Fortress. 6/10

Reviewed by wierzbowskisteedman 8 / 10 / 10

Trashy but very good fun

Ray Liotta plays Robbins, a criminal sent to an island prison where, due to lack of supervision, the inmates have formed two tribes. The hippy tribe is led by the great Lance Henriksen, while Stuart Wilson enjoys himself delivering cheesy one liners as the main bad guy. Ray Liotta isn't exactly riding a post-Goodfellas high with this film, but its still very entertaining as trashy action fare. Liotta has a role that would probably be reserved for Arnold or Sly if this was a bigger production, but still makes a good job of playing a violent anti-hero. There are some great battle scenes and fun supporting performances. Overall there isn't really much else to say about "No Escape", apart from you will be entertained if you enjoy action films that you can't take too seriously. If I'm objective I can't score it very highly but for entertainment value it gets 4/5.

Reviewed by bowmanblue 8 / 10 / 10

A hidden gem of a B-movie

'No Escape' is a B-movie. Fact. It has B-movie written all over it. And that's no bad thing. It never really tries to be anything else. It's about a futuristic world where prisoners are big business for corporations. Unless they don't work. Then they get shipped off to this out of the way island where they can kill each other as much as they like. One such prisoner is Ray Liotta. He may be a convicted murderer, but he did it for just motives, therefore we can root for him. And he bands together with a load of equally supportable prisoners on the island, compared to the other lot – who are basically barbarians. Thus we have our movie – the 'good' (well, just) prisoners, fighting off the 'bad' prisoners on a little island paradise. Our boy Ray's helped out by a variety of other B-movie actors. You'll recognise him from what's-it-called and that bloke out of Aliens, plus the Ghostbuster who joined last. Anyway, it doesn't matter. It's a fun film with plenty of action and rolls along nicely, helped no small part by the baddie. He's great fun – naturally psychotic, but great fun. In than annals of B-movie baddies, Stuart Wilson deserves a mention – sometimes camp, always bonkers and ready to slaughter anyone just to keep control of the psychos under him. Despite its 'B-movie' status, it's actually a little longer than your average 'straight to DVD' flick. Yet it never seems to drag. Basically, if you like action, B-movies with a touch of sci-fi and want something to eat popcorn to, give this one a try. You can pick it up pretty cheaply or even stream it from many a website. Plus, is it just me, or are all the computer terminals straight out of 'Aliens?' It's like No Escape is set in the same universe.

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