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Mira Sorvino as Judge Elizabeth Hanover
Ona Grauer as Mrs. Tennison
Sarah Grey as Jacqueline
Shannen Doherty as Laura Collins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kristamw 10 / 10 / 10

Excellent Necessary Remake

When I saw the 1996 version with Fred Savage and Candace Cameron, I remember being invested in it all the way through. I remember feeling every emotion that Stacy (Cameron) felt, even though I hadn't experienced what she did. This remake is just as outstanding as its predecessor with Matreya Scarrwener playing the main character, now named Sarah, and Callan Potter as Rob, her devoted boyfriend. When I say devoted, I mean devoted to controlling her and abusing her every step of their relationship. This is a true story about a 16-year-old teen who murdered his 14-year-old girlfriend. A boy who felt justified in inflicting physical, emotional, and mental abuses at Sarah, then who showed no remorse, just cold empty soulless eyes as he was sentenced to a life sentence in 1992 for first-degree murder. A story of a boy who moved fast onto his victim, made her, yes, made her be with him, stay with him, no matter what he did to her, who refused to let her have any friends, who blamed her for his own insane jealousy and fits of anger. Scarrwener honors Amy's (whom Sarah is based on) memory. The entire movie, she is happy, bright, enjoying life, and when Rob hurts her, she cowers, feels guilty, loses her vivacity all the while trying to please him. Watching her endure the torments of her abuser tore at my heart. She had a wonderful support system, primarily her best friend and mother, but she felt obligated to stand by Rob. And when she left him, he still found a way to trick her just once more so that he could kill her. Shannon Doherty plays Sarah's mother with grace, a loving mother who can't see the darkness her daughter experiences because Sarah is too ashamed to let her know. She is so good at excusing Rob's behavior, at hiding her own pain, at doing whatever it takes to appease him that it just grips your very soul. Young adults need to see this film, and the original. There are so many important lessons here for young teens, for parents, for friends of the abused and the abuser.

Reviewed by coxpnw 10 / 10 / 10

If only we had more of these movies to bring awareness to DV with teens

I actually thought this movie was done very well. I have missed seeing Shannen on the screen during her battle with cancer. Glad to see her back. I am not sure why anyone would rate this movie low. It is a Lifetime TV movie all of them are pretty good, but not meant to be a big screen production. If you watch TV movies you would already know this. Anyway, I think that this was a great example of a DV teen relationship. They don't want anyone to know, the guy makes them feel amazing one minute and the next abuses them. I wish there were more of these to bring awareness. You hear about other issues but never DV teen relationships.

Reviewed by wilsonandrewc 10 / 10 / 10

About the judge's closing statement in this remake

The closing statement that the judge in this remake made was a lot similar to the closing statement the judge in the original version made. "How many of you have been hit? Who among you slaps your girlfriend? Well, this is against the law; it's wrong... and you watched it happen to Sarah and you did nothing. You have a responsibility to the people you care about. If you see them hurting or see them in trouble, you step in and do something about it. Tell someone so that this does not happen again." Silence has claimed the lives of many. While one may understandably feel as though they have no right to intervene, abuse and sexual assault cases can prove to have tragic consequences. Help the ones you love. Tell someone, and urge them to do the same.

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