No Strings Attached


Comedy / Romance

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Lake Bell as Chloe
Natalie Portman as Inés / Alicia
Olivia Thirlby as Lila Raybern
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by coconutz2 1 / 10 / 10

I remember this movie when it was called Garden State.

What's Ludicrous doing in this movie. I think maybe it's because this movie has to have that one token black guy who hangs around yuppies all day. What were the producers thinking. Ya, throw Luda in there. That'll make it believable. I have yet to see something where he shows at least a shred of acting ability. If you thought he was bad in this, you should have seen him host SNL. Plus I don't know what's up with Natalie Portman. She is actually an alright actor but she doesn't seem believable at all. I don't know about her breaking out a tennis racket on those bitches or what about the part where she's screaming or jumping on Ashton when she's upset at him. This chick just can't do comedy. She's safe doing dramas. I didn't laugh once at this film. SO PREDICTABLE. Even the one-liners. The lil wayne references, the whole "this is your fault that I'm pregnant!" The first girlfriend was too dumb to even be alive. I've noticed that there where a lot of F bombs in this movie. I think that's the new recipe. Throw some F bombs in there, it'll make the jokes a little more funny. This movie was crap. I'm just glad I didn't have to pay to see this since it's on Netflix.

Reviewed by PanDemic 5 / 10 / 10

No soul

Decent acting, sure. But the core, dialog and development offers very little to anyone older than 16. The movie has one or two memorable moments. The rest was just bubble gum. Given the outset, adding any delightful, surprising, thought provoking or interesting situations would be hard, but very possible. Though I obviously didn't watch this movie for depth, but when the brain is missing I do expect the heart to be compensated. This movie just simply failed to deliver. If asked I wouldn't be able to pinpoint any particular reason to recommend this movie.

Reviewed by RavenGlamDVDCollector 5 / 10 / 10

No Zing Attached

Yeah, while watching, I really felt very disappointed, what a bummer this one is. You expect so much, much more from Natalie Portman. But then, some time after the halfway mark, there is a marked improvement fueled by that restaurant scene, let's call it the Burning Man conversation, with Emma telling Vanessa the score exactly as it is, and swaying me over towards her for the first time. But prior to that (and remember what I often mention in my reviews: First Impressions Count, they define the experience you're gonna have of the movie - very few pictures improve as they go along, so judgment is made very early on), this movie, this big star-driven effort, plods along like there's A Lot Of Chains Attached. Besides Young Emma, whom I soon began thinking should rather grace the screen again, the only really cute thing during the first half is the impressions done by that Saturday Night Live girl - Nemo and Drew Barrymore. What a scene-stealer. Then, the hilarious girl-girl scene. With somebody like Ivan Reitman at the helm, you would certainly not expect that such a drab performance by the female lead would persist all through the first half. I mean, any director watching the inflow should have noticed the under-performance. ESPECIALLY if she's NATALIE PORTMAN. But do note that unlike the other reviewers here, I am pointing out that there is an improvement as the flick progresses. I was actually mentally preparing myself for the scything comments I was gonna make about this big production that fails to deliver, but Natalie (and the script) does better further on. Too late though. Truth remains, it needed, at the very least, a partial remake. And I remember only too well that decades ago I predicted such big things for Natalie after first seeing THE PROFESSIONAL. At her best in NO STRINGS ATTACHED, she is just run-of-the- mill. I am grading on a curve, tall trees catch more wind, and all that. Maybe Natalie was taking a break here, just kicking back?

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