Noce i dnie


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Galicius 8 / 10 / 10

Realism on an epic scale

"Noce I dnie" (Days and Nights) is the film version of a major Polish novelist Maria Dabrowska's (1889-1965) best novel of the same title. It was published in 1932-34. The novel grew out of nineteenth century realism but the author's work is on an epic scale in its genre and language. The film is a close reading of what Dabrowska wrote. I know of no English translation of the novel yet. The DVD we saw had no English titles however I can't imagine rendering into English the author's linguistic inventions. The author created a language from what was commonly spoken and enriched it by an extensive knowledge of how the language developed over time. This is how the poet Julian Przybos described Dabrowska's linguistic contribution.

Reviewed by hugobolso-1 / 10

This could be me last review

I've seen this movie several times in Uruguay, that was very popular on TV Channel 10, in Spanish, during the 80s. I thought that was a miniseries and just know that is a 6 hours film, that was an Oscar nominated. I cannot understand why have only one review. If the movie was translated to Spanish, must be translated to English in the 80s too. Wonderful cinematography and with a great and charming performance by Jadwiga Baranska, the night, Jerzy Binczycki was more the day. Wonderful ending at the beginning of WWI.- Why this great and classic films are totally forgotten here? I cannot understand this!!!

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