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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scott-00886 8 / 10 / 10

Class film

Enjoyed it! Gripped the whole way and great performances from Cosmo and Lauren.

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10 / 10

a decently dreary drama...

Ecvolving into some serious old vs. young half circumzised relationship, that develops over many days, and even more at the vesperious side of the diurnal clock.its a moralbreaking thematick of sex in minor years, and lonesome male werewolf dribling over his fangs in the hunt for a good piece of fresh lamb. its a social antropologic vibe over this play, and as usual to many dramas, its divorce and poverty issues that's on the agenda.but showing of the damping chimneys of a power plant somewhere eastcoast yorkshire, doesnt give lift for my wings of recommendation, its not an ugly or stupid film, its just so cold, grey, windy , dark and sad story that do not reach me with its claws. the grumpy old man likes the lighter brighter movie now that fall sets in.. its like a wingblown bird by the poachers pond, a stukadive towards the british soil., and not a recommend

Reviewed by CinemaSerf 6 / 10 / 10

Strong performances but not much of a story.

This is really about the performance from Cosmo Jarvis ("Pete") - a house painter who appears to have a bit of a crush on a much younger girl "Laurie" (Lauren Coe). He sees her with her mother, watches her at athletics training and generally leaves us with an horrendously ominous feeling that something nasty is looming. When she, constantly teased by her school-mates, starts to engage in conversation with him - and then she accepts a lift - alarms bells really start to ring... Actually, it is pretty obvious from early on what is really going on, and the story becomes way less relevant to the audience than the characterisations and relationship between the two - and Jarvis stands out as the none too sharp decorator. There is some pith in the script - especially from Coe - and the story moves along well enough in a very wet English coastal town when the two share the screen. It's a good, if not a great, story that is certainly worth a watch - but perhaps it's just one for the telly in due course.

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