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Reviewed by Xstal 9 / 10 / 10

What's Remembered Lives...

... and in the end, all we have is what we remember. A thoughtful, contemplative and reflective piece of storytelling, riven and scored with meaning and significance, your interpretations uniquely your own. With outstanding performances all round, as sincere as any you will encounter in film, brought to life through great direction and translation with captivating, mesmerising cinematography,

Reviewed by CtlAltDel 8 / 10 / 10

Yes and no

I enjoyed this film but I'm going to get critical. NOMANDLAND, a delightful story, lovely landscapes, McDormand has a face the camera loves, it has character etc etc. The film is seductive. But ultimately NOMADLAND is a deceptive film. Anyone who has lived a bit rough will know this is a pretty false representation of living where just making a coffee can be an ordeal and loneliness and healthcare are major issues. There's also some preachy moments in the fiction-doco filmmaking style that just 'clunk'. It tickles our sense of 'Wouldn't it be great to live like this. So much freedom. The open road. Being a part of a community etc etc'. Then after 108mins in the cinema we will all go home to our comfy beds. Feeling smug after 108mins of living vicariously through this film. And McDormand (net worth $30M) goes home to her mansion with husband Joel Coen ($60M) after the film shoot. The film lacks a true character study. We never get to really know Fern. Too many shots of her gazing into sunsets that substitute for any real exposition. To suggest this is McDormand's greatest performance is laughable. I wonder if a Bob Wells' story would have been more interesting. Bob Wells has become something of a celebrity and there's a creepy sense that his followers (disciples?) are almost like cult members with some referring to him as Moses (not in the film but you can read about him). They seem to need his presence to reassure themselves that they've made the right lifestyle decision. Afterall, living out of a van is precarious. Lots of white boomers. One token African-American woman. No one exhibiting mental illnesses or drug addictions. Much sitting around campfires singing. They're all just happy campers. Not a real depiction of those living on the edge of society at all. I was waiting for someone to start singing 'Hakuna Matata'. The film lacks real bite. It lacks anger at a system that seeks to turn 99% of us into workers bees at the behest of the uber rich 1%. I think it would have worked better as a documentary and I suggest people watch Agnes Varda's THE GLEANERS AND I which is an excellent film.

Reviewed by lukietd 8 / 10 / 10

Filmmaking Minimalism - DONE RIGHT!

This is cinematic patience, a bare and beautifully drawn out experience that paces and feels exactly like the lives and experiences it portrays. The landscapes are stunning, the camerawork intimate and always thoughtful with its choices. The movie makes subtle, deliberate gestures, and it all culminates into something really special. Movies so plot-thin always must walk the careful border of disinterest - but honestly I could've watched another hour of this stuff and never get bored. It's hypnotizing in its own unique way, and I haven't really seen anything quite like it. (This is the vibe I wish Sean Penn's Into the Wild could've captured). 8.5/10

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