North Shore


Action / Drama / Romance / Sport

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Gregory Harrison as Chandler
John Philbin as Turtle
Matt Adler as Rick
Nia Peeples as Amanda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cobbler 10 / 10 / 10

"Yo Kook! What's the haps?"

My top 10 films of all time include 12 Angry Men, Deliverance, and Rear Window, so you might be surprised by this review. North Shore is one of my favorite films, and it's mainly due to the character of Turtle, played by John Philbin (where are you now??) in a truly genius comic performance. Not only does Turtle get all of the best lines, but his character journey in overcoming self-doubt is a really nice & emotionally resonant element of the movie. All the actors are pleasant enough to watch, from Matt Adler (earnest and likeable) to Nia Peebles (foxy) to Gregory Harrison (Yoda-ish). Laird Hamilton is an awful actor, but you forgive him for it, because his surfing is incredible. The script is well-structured, the surfing scenes are excellent, and the romance is awesome. I really feel this is an underrated film, the best Karate Kid knockoff, and one of the best of the 80s sleepers. 9/10 P.S. I can't help but smile at that final shot. Awesome!

Reviewed by nayrasher 10 / 10 / 10

Rick Kane gonna stomp your ass

This movie is so boss it doesn't even know it's boss. It is a seamless hour and a half of excitement! Rick Kane takes a stand and flees the landlocked Arizona desert, against his single-parent mother's wishes. There is great surfing, good shots and an amazing implied sex scene. Having some of the world's best surfers before surfing and extreme sports became so "hip" makes this movie pure class. Hearing Occy say, "Hey Alex come jump in with us," in his Aussie-talk is priceless. I first saw this movie on HBO when I was a grommet in '88 or so. Since three copies have been snaked by those who live life like Burkhardt. Fortunately this past weekend I finally found a new copy. By the way this film could be the reason Gabrielle Reese chose to marry Laird. Here at imdb we treat friends no better, so see this film. Am I going to tell you that you must see this? If I have to.

Reviewed by kenandraf 10 / 10 / 10

80's Hawaii!

Good 80's formula movie which illustrates the North Shore Hawaii atmosphere well.Some weakness in script but still delivers due to educational tor of North Shore surfing lifestyle for that particular time.Good surfing cinematography here as well which makes this movie a cult classic.Not for people who do not like love stories and surfing.....

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