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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by caf-19 10 / 10 / 10

An Excellent Documentary About A Terrible Subject

If you are a man or woman of child rearing age, see this documentary. If you know any cousins, nieces, aunts, sisters, or friends who are in that child-bearing age demographic, get them and their spouses to see this documentary. It's an important, if somewhat grueling, film about the little known mental disease called post partum psychosis that strikes, with little warning, women who have recently delivered a baby. The film, Not Carol, follows the case of veteran Carol Coronado as her family retells the circumstances that built up to one fateful day in the life of Carol and her beautiful, if financially challenged, family. But there's more than one heart wrenching case. Through the stories of several women, husbands, and specialists in the field, the film details the history, signs, and subtle symptoms of this unique mental illness that claims truly the most innocent of innocent victims every year. As the documentary follows Carol's fate in a justice system ill equipped to deal with tragedies of this kind, the viewer may justifiably feel a sense of frustration at the antiquated laws, and ill informed, merciless judiciary who hold Carol's fate in their hands. If enough people are enlightened and motivated by Not Carol, maybe someday unnecessary tragedies like this will be prevented as a natural course of post-partum maternity care.

Reviewed by dfox-36976 2 / 10 / 10

A tragic tale about an ongoing problem in our society.

I am shocked by the deplorable trolls trashing this documentary as well as the subject and the main character!!! By definition, NOBODY who is sane does what the women in this documentary have done!!! Mental illness is a horrible thing and woefully ignored, undiagnosed and treated in this country. I have two comments for the cruel people spewing their hatred via their reviews. If you have never experienced something, you have no clue what it is like and "hate the sin, NOT the sinner!!!"

Reviewed by helenahandbasket-93734 2 / 10 / 10

Propaganda Lacking Teeth

So many failures by so many people who could have prevented this horrific crime, who have now found a convenient scapegoat in postpartum psychosis, and not being held accountable for their utter failure to act. Her mother, her siblings, her friends, and ultimately her husband all had innumerable chances to intervene yet have the audacity to claim ignorance AS A DEFENSE. Regardless whether you've ever heard a single word in reference to PPP (highly unlikely)- if you know factually that events have transpired that are detrimental to the normal behavior of a woman suffering from extreme exhaustion (which she stated countless times) socioeconomic struggles to the point of oppression, (also stated and easily witnessed as they were living in a single room garage conversion with 3 children under 3) a husband with absolutely abominable views (her family confess to telling her countless times she needs to make him help her) among other issues, and it's a catastrophic failure of immeasurable proportions. Now coupled with an absolutely incompetent defense attorney (seriously? A bench trial? What moron thinks this a legitimate strategy with good outcomes?) who doesn't consider serious discussions with the prosecution and the state regarding your case to settle this without needing to go to trial? I fully understand the seriousness with which this psychosis affects a mother and the danger it can place her and her children in; having a sister-in law suffer this- she told my wife and my sister of her ideations and they informed me and we got her immediate help. Any physician will immediately react effectively to assist a mother suffering even slight symptoms to ensure family safety. What this film does is give a sort of plausible deniability to those who failed this woman, and more importantly, three innocent children from a slaughter. Some states do offer other options aside from innocent by way of mental illness; what the problem here is, a filmmaker with zero interest in looking outside of CA, along with legal professionals who absolutely know better but recklessly make untrue statements, because that destroys the narrative. While I would tend to agree that our legal system is woefully lacking where mental faculties are concerned, there are other options. However, expecting ELECTED officials to pass laws that basically give a 'pass' to someone who murders their child(ren) and they're not getting re-elected. For lack of a better phrase, enacting such a law would be political suicide for an elected official that likely wants a lifetime position. Postpartum depression and psychosis are debilitating and incredibly dangerous, but what's most troubling regarding this case is the ultimate failure of so many people to make a difference that likely saves these girls. I find it disgusting that for 20 minutes we're subjected to fluff regarding Carol's character with zero references to her suffering, but later we hear countless examples of her slow drip of her fleeting sanity from people who had the power to make a difference and failed her at every turn. If nothing else, her husband WHOEAS THERE BUT TOO BUSY WORKING ON HIS CAR TO BOTHER WITH HIS FAMILY but pestered her mother to come and 'deal' with her daughter losing her mind, to find her murdered grandchildren while he was there. What a sad commentary that changes nothing.

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