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Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 2 / 10 / 10

Unintentionable comedy

So when I first saw the trailer for Obsessed, I have to admit I was curious to see this, even though the "fatal attraction" story has been used five million times before, it's always interesting to see what the new fresh writer is going to do with it. Obsessed could have been so much more and offered a lot to the table but instead turned out to be a Lifetime movie of the week. There are so many problems with this movie, it's not even funny... oh, wait actually it was, which I'll explain in a minute. But trust me when I say that this movie had me laughing so hard. Now, I don't want to sound strange or wrong, I'm a white woman and even I found this movie not only to be sexist, but racist as well. We have a black family who actually are very successful, well bred, beautiful, smart and nice people, but somehow Beyonce turns ghetto in the end. This movie needs so much work, it's honestly ridicules, let me tell you about the story before I tell you all that's wrong with it. Derek Charles is the Executive Vice President of Gage Bendix and has resulted in a recent promotion. He is happily married to his wife, Sharon, with a son, Kyle. However, when a new temp, Lisa begins to flirt with him. Lisa eventually attempts to seduce him, but he repeatedly rejects her advances. Lisa becomes obsessed and begins to manipulate Derek and Sharon's relationship, eventually becoming violent. Lisa fakes a suicide in Derek's hotel room while he is on a business trip. Meanwhile, Detective Reese interrogates Lisa, who lies about her relationship with Derek. While Derek and Sharon are out, Lisa goes to their home and convinces the babysitter to let her in, eventually escaping with Kyle while the babysitter is distracted. Derek goes to the car, intending to pursue Lisa, and finds Kyle in the backseat with lipstick from Lisa on his forehead. They set up a home alarm system, but at this point nothing is going to stop Lisa from getting what she wants. This is one of the worst movies of the year; why? I never really found Ali Larter to be that threatening, everything happened so fast with her obsession, I didn't get her motive or history on why she might possibly be obsessed with this man. Idris Elba who plays the husband, Derek, is completely whipped. Now granted I know they were trying to make him into a nice husband, but did they go far or what? This man sent flowers to his wife every week, isn't allowed to go to a basketball game with a friend, is not allowed to have female assistants, pretty much hide in the corner at the company Christmas party so his wife won't jump on him at home. Beyonce Knowles, who plays his wife, Sharon, I had no sympathy for her character what-so-ever. This woman has major jealousy issues and we never know why, she mentions that he once was a player up till he met her, but it's never indicated that he ever cheated on her, so why in the heck is she so incredibly jealous? Also when she finds out that Lisa attempted suicide in Derek's bed, she won't even hear his side of the story, not only that, the house he paid for, she throws him out for THREE MONTHS! God, I want know what happens to him if he doesn't do the dishes, does he have to sleep in the back yard? I have to talk about the ending, I'm sorry, so if I haven't already spoiled the movie enough don't read on. The ending: we go from the story being about Derek and this crazy woman who has insane fantasies about them having an affair... stepping in the right direction. But then all of a sudden, Lisa breaks into their home and lays herself in their bed and Sharon, the wife, catches her, instead of being rational and calling the police, it goes into "it's all about Beyonce" mode and she's shouting out one liners just to please the audience. The girls take the ultimate beating and somehow are still able to land on their feet, for God's sake they have 105 lb. Ali Larter swinging a two by four at Beyonce! Then after Sharon kills Lisa, she walks out of the house all bloody and the detective and husband come, as he holds her we pause on Beyonce's face while her song is playing... hmm, subtle on the promotion there, she's a secondary character for goodness's sake! Also one other thing I have to spoil is that Lisa puts a roofie in Derek's drink and seduces him in some way... what was the purpose of this scene? It never comes up again or had any purpose, if it's supposed to be threatening, not so much. The detective was also a stupid addition to the story, she is the most incompetent detective ever. Just everything about this movie didn't work, pointless characters, no backrounds, no thrills, chills or suspense, save your money. 2/10

Reviewed by TMDavis 2 / 10 / 10

Boringly Predictable--wait for regular cable programming

A friend had free movie passes to see this movie--and on my birthday, of all days. That is two hours of my life that I will never get back. The movie is a remix of Fatal Attraction, but the plot is nowhere near as edgy and suspenseful. As for the acting...I never expected much of Beyonce in the first place (because she can't act, nor can she speak very well), but I was so disappointed in Idris Elba's performance. A friend remarked that he was probably underacting in order not to overshadow Beyonce, and she was probably right. Still, his character was a caricature of a pseudo-thug from New York who moved up the corporate ranks and added a veneer of sophistication over that thug image. Stringer Bell, we hardly knew ye. Even Ali Larter didn't come off as psychotic as she could have...perhaps because underneath her lines was the feeling that she was thinking, "What in the world is THIS crap?" Beyonce was a relative nonentity (albeit a well-dressed one), but I'm sure that she and her father bankrolled this movie in further misguided efforts to try and prove that she is a Serious Actress (not to mention a vehicle for further promotion of the House of Dead Wrong--excuse me, the House of Dereon). Too bad it didn't work. However, Beyonce fans and stans will faithfully flock to theaters and will loudly proclaim that she is the best actress since Madea, and should win an Oscar for her performance since she was "robbed" in Dreamgirls. I will give her this: she didn't completely suck as an actress in this movie, but she didn't really stretch herself as an actress either--but then again, she never has. At least she didn't play a singer of some sort in this one, so there is some progress being made. My disbelief was hardly suspended in this movie. There were so many ways that the movie could have been beefed up to carry viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride, but the writers and directors chose to take the safe route. I'd strongly suggest that people wait for the movie to show up on regular cable programming, and not pay-per-view or view-on-demand.

Reviewed by Anonymous_Maxine 2 / 10 / 10


Remember that movie Wild Wild West? Will Smith has said that that movie is one of his biggest regrets, because it opened at #1 even though it sucked, and he said he hated knowing that so many people were spending their money to watch a movie that wasn't good. At the time I'm writing this, Obsessed is the #1 movie in the American box office, and I'm wondering if, for example, Beyonce feels as guilty as Will Smith did, because Wild Wild West is about ten times better than this snoozefest. Personally I doubt she has the acting chops to even realize how god-awful this thing is. I've seen some backwards thrillers in my time but THIS…I care hardly think of where to start. My first question is for Beyonce. I'm wondering if, when she signed on to play the wife of a man stalked by a psychotic blonde, if she knew that her character would ultimately turn out to be just as psychotic as the psychotic one. I'm guessing yes, because here's a direct quote from her character late in the movie – "You think you're crazy? I'll show you crazy!" Wow. If you want to watch Ali Larter squeezing her limited talents into the form of a badly written blonde with some relationship issues and Beyonce talking all tough to her (and to her husband), you might enjoy this movie. Every once in a while a movie comes along that is so flawlessly terrible that the perfection of the way the badness fits together becomes a fascinating area of study. This is one of those times. Sharon is married to Derek who has a new employee at his work, a crazy hot blonde named Lisa who was recently hired on from a temp agency. She falls in love with Derek and forms a fantasy in her head that she and Derek are together, blah blah blah blah. The movie is called Obsessed and stars two women and one man. You don't really need to know anything else in order to know everything there is to know about the movie, except how bad it is. Sadly, you have to watch it to find that out. One of my favorite things was that the movie is as suspenseless as any movie I've ever seen, and yet the suspense music kicks up constantly and I guess we're supposed to scoot forward to the edge of our seats and get all worried and whatnot. There's a scene when Lisa e-mails a picture of herself to Derek which opens itself in a dozen windows as soon as he opens the e-mail, and the orchestra kicks in frantically as Derek slowly clicks them each closed, his wife only seconds away. Did anyone else laugh at this? First of all, why would you slowly click them closed one by one? Does he know nothing about computers? ALT-F4, man!! Or if it's a Mac, Command-W!! But of course, if he knew how to close windows like that then we would have missed out on the sheer tension of watching this guy about to suffer the wrath of Beyonce. They actually tried to generate TENSION by having a guy struggling to close windows on his computer before his wife sees it!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Then again, with a wife as horrific as Beyonce's character, maybe it's a good idea to fear her hysterical wrath. She does, after all, kick him out of HIS OWN HOUSE for three months because she thinks. Not KNOWS, mind you. She SUSPECTS that he had an affair. And when I say his own house, I mean the beautiful, multi-million dollar mansion that they live in, with the sleek new Escalade parked out front. This woman, ladies and gentlemen, is a COLLEGE STUDENT. I have trouble relating to a man who would suffer so much ridiculous punishment at the hands of an insecure and violently suspicious woman, and still beg on his hands an knees for her to take him back. In order for a movie like this to work, you have to care about the characters, that's obvious, but it's impossible here. Obsessed has nothing going for it. It's a movie about one poor guy with two psychotic women around him and I'm going to go ahead and suggest that it's just not possible to make a good movie when your basic premise is so overflowing with the yawn-inducing clichés of cheap, no-rent thrillers. It is informative that Obsessed comes from David Loughery, the same screenwriter who gave us the highly disappointing thriller Lakeview Terrace last year. Obsessed is pretty much exactly the same story, except Lakeview Terrace was about a black neighbor angry at his interracial neighbors. Now we have a black wife going crazy at her black husband's white stalker. Set your watch to beep every ten minutes or so to make sure you can stay awake. It was a struggle for me! Even worse, I'm not sure who the target is. Angry black women who hate skinny, smart-ass blondes? Maybe. Word has it that the original title was "Oh No She Didn't," which would at least have been amusing and advertised right away that the whole movie is a joke. If they had made this a parody, I really think it could have been good, but it takes itself super- seriously, even when challenging us not to laugh at Beyonce flinging Ali Larter all over her house, or not to cringe when she viciously berates her boyfriend, for whom she has not the wispiest scrap of trust but who has committed no crime. The most effective thing that the movie does is convince me beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I ever find myself dating Beyonce I will throw myself in front of the nearest train.

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