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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PiAnt 7 / 10 / 10

Watch while listening to relaxing music...

The imagery is stunning as one would expect; however, as the simple commentary is aimed at a young audience, I would suggest silencing the commentary channel and watching this while listening to your own choice of music.

Reviewed by erikdeb / 10

My First time at an IMAX theater and not competly satisfied

This was my first time that I visited an Imax theater. The theater is quite impressive but I was not completely satisfied with the documentary. Ocean Oasis depicts the life, richness and beauty of nature in a part of the world which has not yet been ruined by men. Whilst, I admit, certain scenes are quite spectacular, the documentary fails to give sufficient detail and one gets the feeling that it is too short. The flow of the movie is not smooth and it jumps from one aspect to another without any apparent connection, focusing on certain parts whilst just skimming on others. Also the narration is not very good. It seams clear to me that the narrators where not English speaking an so they felt quite awkward. Finally, I think that the movie is not at all suitable for an Imax theater because no part of it gives you enough trill which should justify seeing it on the huge screen. All in all my overall score for it is 5.5/10 but you should definetely wait for it to be released either on TV or on video to even considering seeing it.

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