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Reviewed by CrookedStairs 9 / 10 / 10

A Crooked Stairs Review (Oculus)

Director: Mike Flanagan This movie originally made itself known to me with quite a few strong reviews online and a bit of a buzz surrounding its relatively new to the genre director, Mike Flanagan. With such an unknown new title causing such a stir, I was very eager to see for myself if Oculus would deliver. BASIC PLOT: A sister is reunited with her brother after many years apart due to a dark family past. Obsessed with the notion that an old antique mirror hiding supernatural forces is to blame for the family's bloodstained history, she sets about trying to prove the mirror is indeed cursed and finally destroy it. But she will need some help... REVIEW: Straight off the bat, I found this movie an absolute joy to watch. The cinematography and camerawork are excellent, submerging most of the scenes in a dark, sepia-green, almost Fincher-esque finish that churns the viewers stomach throughout. Right from the get go, you can feel something is not quite right through the visuals and shadowy lighting. This feeling is intensified as the story progresses, expertly preying upon the viewers sense of unease as things unfold. The story is a classic. Not too many horror titles come to mind when I think of old mirrors, which is surprising as there can be something uniquely unnerving and almost other worldly about a reflection, especially in this mirror. The character development between the family is brilliantly played out, with a narrative taking place both in the past when the sister & brother were just kids and in modern day after so such has happened. This way the audience catches a glimpse into the creepy occurrences that transpired all those years ago in the family home while also following the siblings in present day and the choices they are now faced with. The acting is really first rate all round, Karen Gillan & Brenton Thwaites do a stirling job as the siblings (even if the latter does seem a tad on the bland emotionless side at times, but I think that is also half down to the character himself after he has been through so much to the point where he is now numb). Katie Sackoff delivers a phenomenal performance as the mother, her slow descent as she deals with her situation is palpable and adds weight and reality to the tale. Rory Cochrane also deserves top credit for his role as the Dad of the family, sucking the audience in for the ride as his family, his life and even his mind start to unravel around him. I also feel I need to strongly compliment director Mike Flanagan for delivering a fresh new and exciting approach to the horror genre. He has managed to perfectly balance a strong gripping story with constant scares and thrills to cater for all. The movie feels like a big step forward, nodding to the moody atmospheric horror titles of old while also acknowledging it's place in the twenty first century. The storyline even goes as far as including numerous modern high tech technologies and gadgets and yet it never once crosses the line into cheesy or unrealistic. I am looking forward to more gems from this flourishing new director. VERDICT: A fantastic find. A well thought out and portrayed horror tale containing enough tense armchair gripping moments and downright nasty scares to make you pause before you next glance in the mirror! (9/10)

Reviewed by ninadessinatrice 9 / 10 / 10

Disappointed by the ending, but good acting nonetheless.

The acting was fine but I was disappointed by this movie. It wasn't that bad, and the filming, sounds and flash backs were actually great, nevertheless, the ending reeally disappoined me. It could have been so much better, like, the sister could have been the one imagining all this, and we'd have seen her inside an asylm at the end, having gone crazy after trying to "kill" the mirror, or even since she was a child, no having been able to cope with her whole family's death, imagining her brother actually being still alove nowdays... And so forth, the possibilities are endless, but dying like this? Too easy for a movie that was kinda good up unti the end. I wish we'd been given more details about the why's and how's of the mirror's killings, origins (I mean the occult origins, not the historical ones that were pretty much given to us in one go at the beginning of the movie) It was sometimes too fast paced and sometimes the total opposite. As I said, It definitely could have been much better since the actors were pretty good and the scenario was a good one. Oh and to the people wondering who the "lady from the office" was, it's simply an illusion / ghost of the woman who died years prior due to a miscarriage/botched abortion, she's briefly mentionned at the beginning in the list of casualties caused by the mirror.

Reviewed by marieltrokan 9 / 10 / 10

A story about God selfishly being safe, and selfishly forcing the rest of reality to be completely unsafe

The value of a history, regardless of the inevitability of no value is the non-value of non-history because of the choice of value. Non-value is non-status. Non-status is non-identity. Non-identity is non-reality. Non-history is non-reality. Non-reality non-reality is reality. The choice of value is the non-reality of reality. The non-reality of reality is the illusion of reality. The illusion of reality is the reality of illusion. Reality because of the reality of illusion is reality because of illusion. Illusion creates reality. Illusion is creator. Reality is creation. Creator is unreal. Creation is real. Illusion is power. Reality isn't power. Power is unreal. Power is unreal. Unreal has power, because unreal has power. Power is unreal, so that power is unreal. Power is unreal, so that power is unreal as a history. Power is unreal as no history, in order to become a history. Power doesn't experience being unreal, so that power can experience being unreal. Power experiences being real, so that power can experience being unreal. Power experiences itself, so that power doesn't have to experience being itself. Power experiences itself, so that power can reject itself. Reality experiences itself, so that reality can reject itself. Reality experiences self - experience of self is illusion Experience of self is illusion, so that experience of self is real. Experience of self is not experience. Not experience is illusion - no experience is illusion. Experience of self is not self - not self is anti. No experience of anti is illusion, so that no experience of anti is real. Inexperience of terror is unreal, so that inexperience of terror is real. Terror of inexperience is unreal, so that terror of inexperience is real. Safety of experience is unreal, so that safety of experience is real. Experience of safety is unreal, so that experience of safety is real. Being safe is unreal, so that being safe is real. Safety is reality, so that safety is illusion. Terror is illusion, so that terror is real. The 2013 film Oculus, is a film that is about a force of reality which is passing the buck: essentially, what's going on is that an original force in reality is getting to experience the convenience of safety so that subsequent forces have to experience terror. Present forces, in the universe, are having to put up with terror because a previous force in the universe decided to not make a sacrifice. The original force bailed on the rest of the universe, and selfishly used up the force of safety so that subsequent forces don't have the luxury of safety

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