Offering to the Storm


Crime / Thriller

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Álvaro Cervantes as Berasategui
Colin McFarlane as Aloisius Dupree
Marta Etura as Amaia Salazar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xhidden99 5 / 10 / 10

It never seems to end

There's a mess of subplots and side plots so that most of the movie is filler for the central story. 2hrs 20 is a long slog for a pretty simple story if they just stuck to it but they have to drag along so much. Keep in mind also she's a terrible detective who does almost no detective work.

Reviewed by cereyese 5 / 10 / 10

Worst vilain in history

Predictable plot. Very nice ambiance and photography. The movie is ok, except for the character of the judge. It seems that they tried to make him a misterious-atractive-deceiving charismatic yet tortured type, and they got someone with the ways of a stalker with no self esteem. He seems to be constantly on the verge of an inexplicable nervous break down. Possibly the worst villain and the worst acting of a villain i have witnessed in the last years. Single handedly ruined the entire movie for me.

Reviewed by BitingMovieJunkie 5 / 10 / 10

Offering to the Storm screenplay, narrative and coherence

Finally it comes to an end. After >The Invisible Guardian and >The Legacy of the Bones, the "Batzan Trilogy" is waving us goodbye with this last outing. The only problem being that it's not such a great ending. Lemme start by saying that the movie is actually "marginally better" than the previous one, which was a truncated effort with no real ending, too many plot holes, zero suspense and a frustrating second half. Now, this final movie at least improves upon the suspense factor (to some degree), but it's not able to improve that much in the screenwriting department, given the large amount of plot holes or loose ends that still plague the narrative, like too many times before. We gotta hand it to the filmmakers that they managed to produce a more fascinating and suspenseful feature than they ever managed to, even though it's twenty minutes longer than the previous movie. There's a sense of dread that permeates this >Offering to the Storm for much of its running time that we never sensed before, till the ending that almost succeeds in ruining it all. To be honest, problems start way before in the second half when the main character begins to act - like always - in a totally erratic and nonsensical way. For some obscure reasons, she all of a sudden falls for the "Magistrato" even though up to that moment she always resisted his "avances". But that's not enough, because she also happens to meander back and forth back and forth always by herself (thanks we should suppose to some hidden suicidal instincts of hers, who knows) without doing any real police work. She's really one of the most obnoxious and incoherent detectives ever - and don't get me wrong: not 'cause she is a woman - but 'cause she's a bad detective period. Her assistant does much of the work. Actually, if it wasn't for him, her investigation would have been nice and dead. Kaput. But, y'know, in spite of all this, she fails to even recognizes his assistant's contribution (-----SPOILER: till something happens to him END SPOILER------). But, as I hinted, the biggest problems come to the surface in the final act, where obviously the narrative has to be concluded, and all the dots have to been connected together, so to speak. Well, big surprise: the movie fails to give us a satisfying ending. On the contrary, even before the end credits start rolling you'll certainly find yourself wondering what the hell the authors were thinking when they made it. -----SPOILERS AHEAD: So, the cult followers did what they did because they believed sacrificing new born babies would have somehow improved on their lives. And, as far as the narrative goes, it's true. I mean: they get rich and all. It's like: oh, great, so Imagumba or whatever its name is really exist and awarded them because of their sacrifices? Well, maybe it was all in the cult leader actually: he was filthy rich and so maybe he was the one actually making his followers filthy rich themselves. Probably true, but it's never clarified. In fact, the movie seems to suggest some kind of "Faustian pact" with a "demon older than Christianity"... Again lingering on the esoteric while pretending to be very rational (as the scenes with the priest testify...). And of course the cult leader he's still alive and on the run, because maybe they're gonna make another movie about that. Another loose end/plot hole: where did the all freaking Aloisious narrative go? Where is he? What happened to him? In general: why bring something to the viewers' attention to never talk about it again? Well done right there screenwriters! I could go on but I'm tired and, by the way, I guess you get the picture: the cult plot is "resolved" too quickly in the end and the least we talk about everything else (the detective, Aloisious, the totally incoherent romance and so on and so forth) the better. -----END SPOILERS So, to sum it up I would say that movie isn't able to give us a convincing ending and in the final act drags a little to much while leaving some plot holes along the way, seemingly unnoticed by the screenwriters. The cinematography is dark and gloomy and the atmosphere for the most part captivating, but that's not enough to make a good movie and it never will. Also the detective is still one of the most incompetent ever and the movie could easily been cut down to 2 hours or even less. It's very disappointing. The all trilogy is. If you wanna watch a really great, suspenseful and surprising Spanish mystery feature I'd suggest you give a chance to Contratiempo (aka >The Invisible Guest).

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