Oh, My Operation


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tavm 10 / 10 / 10

Burns and Allen are most hilarious in Oh, My Operation

A millionaire faints on the street. George comes through the crowd to try to revive him. A couple of men takes George away mistaking him for a patient which was supposed to be the man who fainted! At the hospital, we see nurse Gracie mentioning to the head nurse that she cut her finger with soup. "You cut you finger with soup?" asks the head nurse. "Yes, I had trouble opening the can." replies Gracie. George then comes in with the doctors exclaiming, "I'm not dead!" Fade in to scene after operation, the doctor declaring, "Well, if he lives, the operation was a failure." Then the doctors back off as we find George eating dinner which is soon taken away from him. He then asks his doctor what he was operated for. "To find if you needed an operation." "Supposing the man dies?" "Well, if the man dies, then we know we made a mistake." "Well, that makes me feel better, I was worried for a minute there." Nurse Gracie checks up on George and we get some nonsense lines like: "A woman had triplets one day and then she had twins." "And then she had twins?" "Yes, one of the triplets died." It goes on like this before Gracie then mentions a twin sister who was born in Septober while Gracie was born in Octember. "Ask me when I was born." "When were you born?" "In Remember!" Then Gracie's twin sister nurse-who looks nothing like Gracie-comes to have lunch as they leave George alone. Two other patients in the same room mentions troubles with George's doctor: One had gloves left in his neck, the other had scissors in his ear. Then that doctor comes in, looks around, and then asks, "Has anyone seen my umbrella?" resulting in George gasping as we fade out. These are some of the most hilarious one-liners I've heard yet from the Burns and Allen team in their third year in the movies. By all means, if you're a die-hard George and Gracie fan, seek this one out!

Reviewed by mark.waltz / 10

Two short films by the same name within a year... Sounds like something Gracie would do!

If you ever walk into a hospital and see and hear Gracie Allen there, run run run! One of the first thing she says to the bedridden George Burns is "Are you the patient who died?" from then on, pretty much everything she talks to him about involves death including dogs for brother has shot, a woman who had triplets and left with twins and the number of patients she's treated who ended up in the morgue. Admitting to him that he's her last chance or otherwise she'll be fired, Allen has Burns prepared for the mental ward within 10 minutes, the running time of this short. Breezy but dark, the premise of this comedy has Burns in surgery by mistake, simply having found a man passed out on the street and trying to help. While much of the comedy is very funny, it is dated and may be a bit disturbing considering some of the subject matter that it covers. Still, Burns and Allen are a classic team and Gracie is irresistible. One of the funnier moments has her screwing up the names of the various months and claiming that her sister has a brother whom she is not related to. If they ever decide to crown the queen of the malapropism, they need look no further than the delightful Gracie Allen.

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