Old Dracula


Comedy / Horror

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Carol Cleveland as The Ancient One
David Niven as Henry Brougham
Freddie Jones as Mr. Coreander / Old Man of Wandering Mountain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Eric Stevenson 3 / 10 / 10

Quite racist

Seeing as how this movie was released in 1974 and was a weird horror movie featuring black people, I thought this would be a Blaxploitation film. I guess it wouldn't technically be my first Blaxploitation film, as I also saw "Django Unchained" which could be considered a modern take on the genre. I've looked up the movie and have not seen any mention of this being a film of that genre. Too bad, as it would have been nice to see a movie made at that time. What makes this movie so weird is that it's about, well Dracula's wife awakening from slumber only to find out she accidentally became a black woman from a blood transfusion. It's about as dumb as it sounds. The ending is also weird, as it shows Dracula deciding not to change his wife, but instead becoming black himself. This movie was so dumb and it even shows Dracula getting away with everything. Apart from that, the special effects are terrible and the acting is hokey. I guess the black actors in this movie weren't offended to be in it. Well, they probably did it for the money. We get the usual scenarios of a Halloween party for Dracula to blend in with. I just had no clue what this movie was trying to tell me. It just left a weird taste in my mouth and I just saw thirty minutes of footage from "The Day The Clown Cried"! It's best to skip this one as it's too strange to care about. This was apparently supposed to be a comedy but I found no laughs. It was just awkward. *1/2

Reviewed by Rainey Dawn 4 / 10 / 10

Good Actors - Terrible Story - Not Many Laughs

The movie is just not all that funny - you would expect a comedy to give more laughs than this film gave us. It has a few moments worth of giggles but not bust-a-gut laughter like one wants from a comedy. All the actors are fine - really good. It's just a terrible story with very few laughs. I have to agree with other reviewers that Dracula's problem is not that she's black but that he wanted his wife, Vampira, the way he remembered her - he just wanted his wife back. He felt he was with another woman because she acts different and looks different. It's such a shame the comedy wasn't funnier and the storyline a bit better because this film had the potential to be really comical if better written. 3.5/10

Reviewed by jacobjohntaylor1 4 / 10 / 10

The comedy movie that sucks.

This is a comedy about Dracula. Most comedies about Dracula are funny. This one is not. If a Dracula movie is not going to be funny then is should at lest be scary. This movie is not scary. It as an awful story line. The ending is awful. There are good actors in this movie. But they wasted there talent being in this awful movie. Do not wast your money. Do not see this movie. Do not wast your time. Do not see this movie. It is the comedy movie that sucks. There are a lot of comedy movie that suck. And this is one of them. This movie is pooh pooh. Do not see this movie. I need more line and I am running out of thing to say.

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