Olympic Dreams


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Reviewed by tributarystu 6 / 10 / 10

A Personal Twist to a Familiar Story

As far as sports romcoms go, this is an unusual movie, in that it's shot at the Olympic Village during the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. This very real backdrop is fleshed out in a bunch of scenes with equally real athletes, capturing an unfamiliar flavour. Starring alongside the established Nick Kroll is the movie's co-writer, Alexi Pappas, former Olympian, just like Gus Kenworthy and Morgan Schild, who also have small roles to play. There's a bit of a Lost in Translation (in sports) feeling to Olympic Dreams, which unfortunately doesn't get the chance to really catch on, as the movie stumbles to its predictable finale. The good thing is Pappas and Kroll are both likable on screen, and Pappas captures a bit of the forlorn solitude of elite athletes and the harsh realities of the Olympic cycle. Not in enough depth to really make the movie memorable, but sufficiently to put a personal twist to a familiar tale.

Reviewed by stevepat99 10 / 10 / 10

RomCom without any Rom~!

I liked this film for the wrong reason. The Olympic village location and scenes of the actual Olympics were spot on. Then, there was an awful screenplay that gives us Ezra, an angst ridden dentist who is taking a forced 'break' from his fiance. He dwells on her via calls, texts etc. until his fiancé affirms 'I miss you' apparently as much as Ezra misses her. All this while he has found someone who speaks English, namely, Penelope. Penelope takes a super shine to Ezra and they spend a fun, long night on the town, schmoozing, boozing, dancing yada, yada. An awesome first romantic date except for the small fact that Ezra does not have a romantic bone in his body. At night's end this is confirmed when Ezra rejects Penelope's kiss. For Ezra it was a night out with a new platonic friend, a means of taking a break from the life he's left behind. As one might expect Penelope was blind-sided by this end of the night revelation. The final scene was ludicrous. Ezra again rejects Penelope, then we think he's reconsidered as he races top speed to catch Penelope before her bus leaves. he catches up with Penelope and does he hug her, kiss her , shower her with romantic albeit end scene romance and./or affection? Nope! Nada. Ezra does nothing more then bid her goodbye. This is the exact opposite of the mood and amazing final scene in Lost in Translation where an even greater age difference gave way to a smoldering undercurrent of romance and a promise for their future back home. Ezra plays the 'lost soul' as on one hand he pines for his fiancé and the next moment he is seeking a permanent dentist job working in a foreign land for a foreign sport team. Ezra has nonsensical and unprofessional conversations ad nauseam with his patients forcing one young women to listen to the story of his and his fiances rocks love life. Lord knows what he tells his patients back home. Zero romance, a sad, unsympathetic, deconstructing Ezra and even sadder 'victim' Penelope are some reasons this film is a failed rom/com effort. The actress playing Penelope shines as did the actor playing sad sac Ezra.

Reviewed by khaleellee 10 / 10 / 10

Very well done.

This film is as personal as they come. The small cast and crew can be felt in each scene and the warm banter I was left feeling like an estranged friend. I have a special appreciation for the work put in to keep this story authentic. (I see you Jamie!) Overall, a beautiful film.

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