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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by steve-10308 10 / 10 / 10

On the Corner of Ego and Desire meets Sundance

Filmed on location at Sundance 2018 On the Corner of Ego and Desire is a well produced and directed indie film that is well worth the watch. Following the film from concept to production director Alex Ferrari has done a stellar job together with a great cast we will no doubt see agin in future productions taking you on a journey that many film makers would have witnessed whilst giving the movie a few twists and turns on the way. Gets 10/10 also considering the budget and timescale.

Reviewed by reelswords 9 / 10 / 10

Pokin' Fun at the Man in the Mirror

"On the Corner of Ego and Desire" is a funny glimpse into the love and lunacy that surrounds the lives of indie filmmakers and the Mecca of that world- the Sundance Film Festival. The film follows a trio of ambitious (and more than just occasionally delusional) filmmakers as they try to hustle their experimental film at Sundance. As someone who has lived in this world, it was hilarious to hear versions of so many conversations that I've had and heard from others in the industry. I found myself laughing and nodding multiple times as the characters personal lives and professional ambition continue on a downward spiral. Fun cameos and just enough heart to give a glimmer of hope. Cause that's all we need to keep going. What's even more remarkable is that this film was made for about $3,000. Amazing achievement!

Reviewed by south_mpls 9 / 10 / 10

If "Living in Oblivion" had been made for $3,000 in four days

This movie absolutely nails what it sets out to accomplish. If you don't know anything about the making-of, it's a light comedy that sends up the indie film world. If you know about the making-of, this movie is downright astonishing. The story is old but the way of telling it is new, which is really engaging. The characters feel genuine, the actors are loose and comfortable, and the run-and-gun cinematography is impressive. The dialogue could have used someone to punch it up -- but come on, the actors worked from an outline. Look, if your refined palate can only tolerate the Coen brothers and Martin McDonagh, shut up and move along. This isn't for you. But if you have any interest in what's possible today in no-budget moviemaking, you will probably watch this over and over.

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