Once Upon A Time


Drama / Fantasy / Romance

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Yifei Liu as Su Yunjin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ameliaj-50631 8 / 10 / 10

In my honest opinion

For the first time, I've been filled with indignation.You may not believe all that low scores, hateful comments toward two leading actors and hateful comments toward the movie itself, just for a movie. Yes,I have saw the movie and it's time to speak up for it. This reminds me of Running for Governor by Mark Twain. In short, the story is about a very good man with very good reputation that is running for the governor. It seems obvious that he will win. But,to his surprise,all kinds of accusations came suddenly. All medias have report his nonexistent crime .It's ridiculous and unbelievable,but people believe in such fallacious rumors and that this true good men was thought as a criminal,so he have to drop out of the campaign with all kinds of slander. The great Mark Twain had uncovered the strategy of how to destroy a good person, or in this case, a movie. To be honest,I used to think that the novel is just a novel.But now I think that the great writer have told us a ridiculous but true fact. What the movie Once Upon a Time have gone through these days was an sound evidence. Some people can be so villainous to slander and defaming the film just in order to prevent audiences from going to see it. Don't you ever wonder why there are so many authors that gave bad comments are Chinese? I can think of no others but conspiracy. They are employed by some other film companies to spread rumors to undermine the film. These people disguise as judicial people to condemn the film .But,in fact,do you think an illegal production can be showed in foreign countries?The rumor is ridiculous and totally unreliable. What's more ,the original book has been adapted to both film and TV show. Ironically,they enjoy the TV show and flatter it everywhere but slander the film as a product of plagiarism. Simply because they suspect that the original author of Three Lifetime ;Ten Miles of peach Blossoms is a chief .But I really want to ask them this: why don't you condemn the TV show and the supposedly guilty original author but only speak ill of the film if they are such justiciars. Now back to the movie: in my honest opinion, if you are interested in the ancient Chinese culture,It's a good movie for you.There are so many beautiful and magnificent hand-made costumes with beautiful embroidery. What' more, the story is really heart-warming and tell us that Love is, and can be eternal. In a word ,the film Once Upon a Time is a fantastic movie,if you are interested in this kind of movie ,you can enjoy it in the theater.But don't believe in those who spread rumors.After all,they can take profit by doing so and bear no legal liability. It's easy to write something bad without seeing the movie right? I wish people can watch the film before giving their opinions. And don't ever get fooled by some pretentious "fighting for the rights" comments. Lastly, for those who said this movie is based on a plagiarized book, please give solid proof that this book was truly plagiarized, i wish to see the LEGAL proof. As anyone can simply accuse another of stealing. For those who said the production teams knew, please give proofs. If not, there are no evidence to back up your statements. And in the end, they are all specious statements, and you're just making a fool out of yourselves. Evidence to prove this book is not plagiarized: http://weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404138764917191884 Comparison of two books http://weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404138763457539876 Legal statement https://m.weibo.cn/1496939465/4138782569045259 Result of examination Conclusion: no plagiarism, court will dismiss the case.

Reviewed by q-77806 8 / 10 / 10

The wonderful and beautiful love story is worth seeing

When I was at a party with my friends in China, I went to see the movie which was being released in China. I thought it was very beautiful, the pictures were beautiful, the special effects were beautiful and the leading actress was beautiful. More importantly, the story behind the movie makes me cry, it's a story about the reincarnation of life, the hero's love for the heroine, let the person weep. There is an imax version of this movie in China. I recommend IMAX! If you like the magic of the love story, highly recommended, it's worth seeing

Reviewed by lemmechu 8 / 10 / 10

This movie has nothing to do with "plagiarism"

First off, Alibaba bought the COPYRIGHT of this story from Tang Qi before the plagiarism scandal. This information can be found on their production website. So the production team had no idea that this story was part of the scandal. Second off, it was never proved that this story, was in fact, plagiarized. As no legal actions have be taken. Third, the production team has modified the story since they bought the COPYRIGHT. During the scandal, the production team made sure to take out all "suspicious" parts of the written story. The movie contained no controversial materials, as the plot have been modified based on suggestions of general public. This movie is irreverent to the written story. Anyone who wants evidence, photo evidence can be found on the production team's Weibo. This movie is very different in story telling and world setting than western movies. The amount of time taken to finish this movie produced astonishing CGI. Please don't let the plagiarism scandal stop anyone from wanting to see a movie about the fascinating Chinese Xian Xia. As we rarely see anything from the "mysterious" eastern culture. Lastly, boycotting the movie will not hurt the supposed "plagiarizer", as again, the COPYRIGHT was bought from TANG Qi a few years back. It is unfair to abase a movie based on a canard. The best way to boycott plagiarism is to boycott the writer herself. Rate her works low, don't watch anything that has direct association with her. It is interesting to see that most wanted to boycott the movie, give it a low score (5/10) but enjoyed the TV drama that came out earlier this year (8.4/10) as the TV production team have not bought the COPYRIGHT from her (so she benefits from it.) Double standard much?

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