One Hour Outcall



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Crystal Mantecon as Gabriela
Kristin Carey as Stacy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by teathyme2003 10 / 10 / 10

Smart, sexy and sophisticated

Smart, sexy and sophisticated. This movie blew me away. A great little indie film that really gets inside your head. The actress who plays Esmeralda/Ana has it all, playing her character with great passion and also nuance. The other star of the movie is the writing. Shown in flashbacks, it slowly builds up to a confrontation that you want to see but when you do, it's so real that it's hard to swallow. The family dinner scene was played out superbly by each character, you get a feel for what each one was going through at that moment. The editing is done so cleverly that you are slowly clued in to the plot which I'm sure was the original intention of the writer. The writer happens to be the male lead actor, William Norrett. Great tightly knit film. Will stay with you long after viewing.

Reviewed by dion_pangallo 10 / 10 / 10


@ "high-class escort"... now theres an ironic misnomer if I ever seen one hehe.. chessy af

Reviewed by mari-mizutani 10 / 10 / 10

Smart and Sexy Movie

Once in a while, an independent movie shows up and you have to remind yourself that you are watching an independent movie. One Hour Outcall is exactly that. Creative storytelling at its best. Beautiful shots and compelling story make for a great film.

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