One Little Indian


Comedy / Family / Western

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October 12, 2020


Bruce Glover as Schrader
James Garner as Keyes
Jodie Foster as Martha
Vera Miles as Doris McIver
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kevin_southern_ireland 9 / 10 / 10

A refreshingly simple and enjoyable movie!

You know I watch a great many movies, being disabled and not very mobile can do that to you. From action to romance and thriller to comedy I pretty much enjoy any genre and being this way I have seen a lot of action packed movies. So when one comes my way that is simply a good story with fun and a pleasant message it is refreshing. This is one of those movies! Good, fun, pleasant to watch and with clean non-violent message. James Garner is good fun and plays the role well. Jodie Foster is in it for only a few scenes but you know even seeing her at that age (11 i guess) was kind of neat! Vera Miles also plays her part well. As for the "one little Indian" - Clay O'Brien, he plays his part well, and even the occasional dodgy haircut is forgivable! So in short, if you a looking for a good, clean, family movie I can recommend this one. All the best from Southern Ireland! Kevin

Reviewed by Ptolemy 7 / 10 / 10

Pretty Clever

As a teenager, I have a natural taste for movies with excellent special effects, engaging, innovative plots and good old fashioned gore. However, as a father, I have grown a special appreciation for movies that are simply decent and human. This is one of those. It is a family movie, but with a clever and, well, lovable concept. Well written and well performed, it has the capacity to touch even those who don't want to admit they can be touched, even if it is old.

Reviewed by smhowell-1 7 / 10 / 10

Wish they still made movies like this.

The plot is a little predictable, or maybe I remembered it from 'way back when. As a James Garner fan, it's a sure bet that I've seen this before, but can't remember when. The timing and pace were superb; I was entertained without thinking about time passing. It's a little sentimental for today's tastes. Acting was flawless by the entire cast; every character was believable. The music was unpretentious, and unfortunately, unmemorable, but then it also doesn't date itself, either. At the end, I didn't have the feeling that this is an all time classic, but it did manage to jerk that little tear out of my eyeball. The only major flaw was the poor use of obvious studio shot closeups during the chase scenes, which jarred the viewer from the suspended disbelief necessary to enjoy fiction. Overall, I'm not sorry that I own the DVD. It's a real joy to escape the foul language and smut that passes itself off as entertainment these days.

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