One Percent More Humid



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Julia Garner as Catherine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by taberbecca 8 / 10 / 10


I like it .good acting. Dramatic plot Really good!

Reviewed by wrv-16858 7 / 10 / 10


'One Percent More Humid' tells a good story about an affair between a young woman and a married man. Mainly carried by the excellent acting of male lead Alessandro Nivola. Not surprisingly the affair fails in the end. Apart from this, it's interwoven with a tragic car accident from the past. As often happens in Juno Temple-films, 'One Percent More Humid' just shows a segment of common people's lives. With a bittersweet underlining that, whatever happens, life must be lived until its very end.

Reviewed by PaxtonMalloy 7 / 10 / 10

One hundred percent a good movie

I hesitated to watch it because of the bad rating but the trailer looked good and Juno Temple is in it which is no guarantee that is good but it is guaranteed that she will be good in it. And I was right her performance stands out even though Ozarks Julia Gardner is good as well and Alessandro Nivola is good at being himself as usual. The story is one worth telling. We see the both woman struggling dealing with the accident and so this is not a feel good movie. It is about pain and suffering but I find it to be believable and well told and it is also beautifully shot. Very emotional and feels authentic.

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