One Winter Weekend


Drama / Family / Romance

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Rukiya Bernard as Tanya
Taylor Cole as Harper Higgins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10 / 10

OK but far from great

The story is complex and contrived. A lot of points don't make sense which is normal for these movies, but in this case they were too much for me. How does the CEO of a company only get half the chalet, but get a $500 gift basket also? Some of the bosses in these movies are slave drivers, but this one, while not mean, is ridiculous. Apparently she doesn't sleep and works 24 hours even on weekends. The premise that Ben's dating life affects his company's bottom line also sounds a little ridiculous. As a sub-plot, the idea that Megan's wrist injury means she can't use a phone at all is also silly. There are just too many silly and contrived plotlines. Taylor Cole and Jack Turner do connect establishing a comfortable relationship, outside of the secrets. Still Jack Turner is a little reserved. Rukiya Bernard looks like someone to watch for as a possible lead in future Hallmark movies. She connects with Dewshane Williams to form a much more realistic relationship than Cara and Ben's. Both of these relationships are pleasant enough to watch in and of themselves until the silly plot messes up at least the one.

Reviewed by jensenholmesPA 7 / 10 / 10

Not a Hallmark I'll rewatch

I watch a lot of Hallmark movies. I love the winter theme of the four "Winterfest" movies of 2018. This film is mostly set at a ski resort. The scenery is wonderful and the snowboarding theme is fun. The production is very slick. But I didn't feel much real "heart" or chemistry in this movie. I think where it fell short for me was in the lead actress, Taylor Cole. She seemed like an ice princess (no pun intended), very cold and distant and bitchy. Especially bitchy and princess-y at first. Even once she "warmed up" in the storyline, she still struck me as someone I wouldn't like in real life. Kind of a "mean girl" vibe. The lead actor, Jack Turner, was good but not memorable. Maybe it was because of the lead actress he had to work with. For me in these Hallmarks, I find two things can push them from serviceable to ones I love and will rewatch. The first thing is the script. I love the particularly witty or funny scripts like the recent "Love Always, Santa" or "The Seven Year Hitch". The second thing is the lead actors and their chemistry. For example in "Broadcasting Christmas", I loved the quirky and warm Melissa Joan Hart and the ever-boy-next-door Dean Cain. In the case of 'One Winter Weekend', the script never rose above formula, the lead female was not likeable, and I wasn't feeling the chemistry between the leads. On the plus side, I liked the side romance with the bffs, Rukiya Bernard and Dewshane Williams. She's super cute and I hope she does more Hallmark. In sum: If you love Hallmark, worth watching once, but I won't be saving this one.

Reviewed by hnhoran 7 / 10 / 10

One of the Better Hallmark Movies

Started out funny and ended fantastic!!!! I loved this movie and it's one of the better Hallmark movies I've seen

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