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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arbino-man 10 / 10 / 10

Onimasa: One Of The Greatest Japanese Films Ever?

I just finished watching Hideo Gosha's masterpiece Onimasa for the second time in six months and I was simply blown away as much as I was when I first saw it. I've seen over 500 Japanese films and this is easily on my top five 5. I never understood the Japanese title which basically said "The Life Of Hanako". Onimasa and Matsue are the main characters of the film and Hanako is more of a secondary character. SPOILERS!!!! This is where the SPOILERS are located so don't read if you don't want to know anything. Basically the film is about Onimasa, a Yakuza boss with Samurai ethics and the film is told through the eyes of Matsue his adoptive daughter. We see their lives transpire and we watch the relationship the two of the them have. From the initial confusion, to Onimasa not wanting to give Matsue to any man, we see their bond as father/daughter build. The film main theme centers around these two characters, but there is of course a conflict. Onimasa eventually has a daughter with one of his many women and they name her Hanako. As the film continues we see that Hanako is more of an embarrassment to Onimasa, but he still loves her all the same. Hanako betrays Onimasa by joining Suenaga (the arch rival) and pretty much everyone around Onimasa dies because of it. Her betrayal leads Onimasa to jail, where he dies a shattered man with a broken spirit. All of this is observed by Matsue who at heart is the real daughter of Onimasa. End Of SPOILERS! Tatsuya Nakadai presents one of his best performances as Onimasa in this film. I have seen around 30 of his works and he is in top form in this film. Only in Harakiri and The Human Condition Trilogy does he excel even more. Onimasa is a Yakuza boss with noble intentions, but every so often we are reminded that even though he may have a good heart he still is a Yakuza boss. Hideo Gosha is a masterful director who made many great films in his career and I believe Onimasa is one of his most subtle. Don't expect much violence in this film until the end as this in not your usual Yakuza flick. This is more of a character piece, but it's two and half hour runtime blows right by you. If you like Japanese films, check it out. If you like Tatsuya Nakadai, check it out. If you simply like the medium of film check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by pdmc-23460 5 / 10 / 10

A Japanese Godfather?

Hideo Gosha's Onimasa (1982) comes across as Japan's answer to The Godfather, while it doesn't quite live up to that billing-it was a very interesting film. Tatusya Nakadai always puts in a lively performance-this time as a chivalrous yakuza boss with several mistresses and the focus of this film is a girl he take sin as a daughter from a poor family. She has a very strong will and soon becomes his favorite because of her grit and strong will. She insists on being educated and becomes a teacher and eventually takes up with an intellectual and is the de facto narrator of the story of the rise and fall of Onimasa. The story is set in the Taisho era and the set designs ad to the overall impression of the film. I can't help but think the dog fighting scenes earlier in the film would have caused a certain amount of controversy in America. Overall it was a entertaining film.

Reviewed by ebiros2 5 / 10 / 10

Movie for Masako Natsume fans

This movie is somewhat famous amongst Masako Natsume fans, and more than half the value of seeing this movie is in seeing beautiful Masako Natsume in her prime before she met her untimely death. Based on a novel by Sumiko Miyao, this movie tells the story of 50 years of human tapestry that is woven my the people of Masagoro Kiryuin's (Onimasa) clan seen from the vantage point of Matsue (Masako Natsume) who were adopted into this family when she was 12. Matsue witnesses the entire history of this family to its very end. The movie's character Onimasa is actually a former yakuza, and he's a merchant selling dried goods but his old habits die hard, and him and his clan is almost a clan of yakuza. But the focus is more on the women of this yakuza family, set in late Taisho to early Showa period of Japan in Kochi prefecture. The entire meaning of this movie is vague, since Hanako Kiryuin who is the title of this movie (in Japan) is just a spoiled girl, and does almost nothing. There are many good looking actresses in this movie asides from Masako Natsume, such as Emi Shindo, and Akiko Nakamura. A very young Nobuko Sendo makes her debut in the role of young Matsue. The one liner Mastue says towards the end of the movie "Nametara ikanzeyo !!" (Don't underestimate us !) was a famous one liner that remains in the annals of Japanese movie history. To be honest, the only reason to watch this film for me was to watch the beautiful Masako Natsume in action. She is that great in this movie. Thank you to director Hideo Gosha for changing the cast from Shinobu Ootake to Masako Natsume at the last minute.

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