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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Draysan-Jennings 5 / 10 / 10

Boring & unrealistic

I waited a long time to finally watch this film. I was throuoghly disappointed. No matter how hard I tried, the movie just couldn't keep my attention. Tacky special effects and the story didn't add up. Apparently the leads boyfriend killed 35 women while she watched. She does a short time in prison and upon release takes a job at a gas station. How the hell did she get out of jail so quickly? This girl must of been in her early twenties. How long was she with this guy? Was she with him during every murder? None of it made sense and was extremely unrealistic. I'm not sure why this film took so long to be released. It definitely wasn't worth the wait. I wouldn't say it was a terrible movie. I wouldn't say it was any good either. Two thumbs down for me.

Reviewed by sucraf 5 / 10 / 10

What the hell did I just watch?

I had to write a review just because this movie was so stupid. 1 star for the gore. Does anyone check the script of movies anymore? This movie had so many plot holes, it made this movie horrible. The only good thing about this movie was the gore. The stupid girl is so mental, but she is let out into public. Give her some drugs and she'll be ok? Not!. If you see things that are not there, you should check yourself in an institution and get help. She has a best friend but she does nothing to really help her. And why would you stay in the same city. I would move far far away so no one would know her. But not stupid girl. The stupid girl's wounds suddenly disappear from the killer mom. How did the killer mom find out where the stupid girl works? After killing someone, the parole officer doesn't call the police or even check on the wounded stupid girl. Again the wounds disappeared. And how did the parole officer know the killer mom? A storm cause power outage and the killer escaped prison. OK? I guess jails doesn't have a back up generator? Of all the prison escapes, I never heard of this kind of escape. Then of course the killer can find where the stupid girl is working, when she just got the job on the same day. When running away from the killer, make sure you run back into the gas station where he can trap you, instead of running, pretty much anywhere else where he can't find you. When you tell the police that there is a killer in the gas station, both you and he get into the car and start to drive away? I guess the police wouldn't actually check the gas station? And then the killer can somehow warp from inside the gas station to the other side of the police car and shoot the cop? The killer "dies" and the stupid girl just falls asleep? When stupid girl wakes up, all the bodies are gone. And it's the morning. No other cops came or no other customers. No explanation. Then it just jumps to the stupid girl working in another place and somehow the killer is behind her in one room. Again it could be her imagination, but since there were no explanation of the disappearing bodies, nothing makes sense. I guess they don't care if any of this crap is plausible anymore?

Reviewed by TwistedContent 5 / 10 / 10

Well Made Indie Horror Starting Out Stronger Than It Ends

"Open 24 Hours" is a gory one-location, slasher-like, mystery-in-delusion indie horror, working decreasingly well on those levels in that order. Overall, it proved to be an all-around okay fourth horror feature from Padraig Reynolds, an indie director who seems to love the genre and his role in it. Mary (Vanessa Grasse) has been through a lot, having escaped from the life together with a serial killer, and is now trying to start anew, still fighting trauma, paranoia and delusions. She lands a well necessary job in a remote gas station as a nightshift clerk, a place where all that can go wrong, will go wrong. The story, written to twist and turn, in the end turns out rather conventional as most of theories that came to mind took a turn to nowhere. The line between Mary's delusion and reality is continuously tried to be blurred, and everything ends in as much conclusion as in ambiguity, but in either case feeling a little underwhelming. In other words, "Open 24 Hours" 'fizzles out' towards the end as the second half gradually favors simpler tropes and actionable filler. On the other hand, all is well in the horrors taking place in the gas station, for the entire cast provides rather nifty little performances, with the highlight inarguably belonging to Vanessa Grasse. Another satisfying and consistently good aspect of "Open 24 Hours" is its aesthetic coating, built from creative, handsome cinematography and a solid effort by the FX and make-up team. Though perhaps not in excessive amounts, gore hounds will find their desert served extra bloody. On the matters of sound, in my opinion the original score didn't really have an extraordinary touches, as it reminded lot of the musical palette used in a multitude of genre flicks. If musical scores can be described as cliché, this one kind of is. While the set bar of technical qualities of "Open 24 Hours" never seem to diminish, the substance, or story, on a certain level, does. All in all Padraig Reynold's newest hooray in horror is an entertaining (enough) and effortful indie piece, flaws and some lesser turns included. My rating: 5/10.

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