Operation Christmas



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Chelan Simmons as Becky Fowler
Marc Blucas as Scott McGuigan
Megan Charpentier as Danielle Roberts
Tricia Helfer as Number Six / Shelly Godfrey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drippan-1 9 / 10 / 10

Sleep Safe America!

This movie is a salute to and from all United States Military Personnel and their families. It is about the hardships and unexpected situations and problems that every family faces. It definitely shows the 'unknown' that military life brings. Tricia and Marc did an excellent job of showing the heartache that is faced by not only their situation but others' problems by other families. Tricia and Marc put everything they had into this movie especially the love their characters felt for each other. The three children were perfect in each of their roles. The music and Christmas carols were placed in the movie at the right place and time. The ending carol is a message that all of America can sleep safely tonight as our brave men and women are on guard throughout the world. A special thanks must go to Hallmark and especially Nina Wienman (writer) for capturing the heart of the military and their families. As a Marine Veteran, I have faced a lot of the same problems that were shown in this movie including being away several times at Christmas and the extended tours of duty overseas. This movie is a 10 even though there are some goofs/mistakes. These goofs/mistakes are way over shadowed by the message this movie brings. That message is to face the unknown with bravery, courage and honor while sharing your fear with others. THIS IS A MUST SEE MOVIE BY ALL. If you loved 'The Christmas Card' Christmas movie, you are going to more than love 'Operation Christmas'!

Reviewed by robertsilva-03294 4 / 10 / 10


This movie has a great story that hits home for military families, especially spouses who are left behind to keep the ship sailing while their spouse is deployed. As a veteran I find this movie very insulting with the lack of research the cast did on the uniforms especially. If you are going to do a military movie have a consultant or at least use the proper uniforms for the rank the actors are. Also please use the correct rank for the job you are having the actors do. For example having a Captain be a gate guard, this is an MP job and usually enlisted soldiers. The military part of the movie drove me crazy.

Reviewed by saliston 4 / 10 / 10

Okay but false impression

This movie tried to hit the target but missed it by a mile. I was in the military and while you can ship out anytime the ways its portrayed in this movie is so far off base. Also they show a lifestyle for a sergeant that is way out of their pay range. I just didn't like it. I hate when they try to do movies about military life but don't fully do research. That or they just change it to fit their so called "vision". Also you don't deploy one day and come back the next. That just doesn't happen. When deployed its for a while not just 24 hours. They fact that everyone is oh its the military life we love it its great is false. Also they make the lady the bad person because she has concerns. Sorry but she had a valid point.

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