Operation Condor


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

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May 28, 2020



Jackie Chan as Insp. Chan Ka Kui
Nicholas Guest as Capt. B. Rennard
Richard Epcar as Daisuke Jigen / Additional Voices
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by J2five 9 / 10 / 10

Jackie Chan at his best in a very entertaining movie

This is Jackie Chan´s best movie. Already as a child I loved the scene with the wind machine (Superman!!!) and still today I have to say that Chan mixed a funny Indiana Jones plot with lots of unforgettable stunts and funny slapstick. Two woman join him on the search for tons of Nazi-gold. But they are not the only ones who try to find it, and so on their quest Jackie more than once has to bring himself and the girls (that always are in conflict) out of dangerous situations. Today chan´s fight scenes are still nicely planned but he begins to grow old, and his actions appear to be less fluid than in the past. In this piece, everything seems to be so easy, and there at least four stunts that you will dream of in the following night. (If I just could do things like that). One of my favorite pop-corn movies, very entertaining, a must see for newer Chan-fans who missed it. After seeing this film you will agree with me that Chan´s new films can not compete with the ones made around 1990 when he was not yet a star in the states.

Reviewed by loco-2 8 / 10 / 10

Jackie Chan does wonders with a big budget

This may be the most entertaining Jackie Chan experience ever. Filmed all over the world with a huge budget and abundance of energy, Armor of God 2 is a fast, funny, thrilling film. Despite the obvious Indiana Jones plot, Chan amazes us once again by risking his life so we can be entertained for two hours. Chan's directing skills are almost as exceptional as his physical skills in the way he captures the action from brilliant wide angles that display the danger of his action. A scene where Chan flees on motorcycle from the villains through the cramped city streets is one of the most exciting chase scenes on film. Chan gambles with his life in every stunt and action sequence making for an exuberant film that must be seen to fully appreciate Hong Kong action cinema.

Reviewed by ingemar-4 8 / 10 / 10

Impressing stunts and fun action

This movie is about impressing stunts. Period. That is all it is, and it does it well. Chan is amazingly skilled in both performing great stunts as well as coming up with ones you haven't seen before. Great stunts also lay a solid foundation for action comedy. Many action scenes are really, really fun, mixing the stunts with fun situations. In particular, I found the car chase scene make me think "just when I thought there were no fun Bond-style chases left to make, Chan proves that there are". The only thing missing would be to play "The Ride of the Valkyries" at some appropriate times. One more point in the favor of the movie is Chan's charm. He really has good screen presence. So far, this is good. But let me mention what the movie does NOT have. It has no interesting plot to speak of. It has rather awful storytelling at times, moving from one scene to another with minimal or no motivation. There are even scenes with obvious remains from cut parts. Finally, the three female leads are all young, pretty and stupid. One "silly girl" would be fine but three of them? This makes them embarrassingly similar. It wouldn't hurt with one woman who were, for example, middle aged and with a professional attitude, or just not exactly the same personality as the others. I guess this is a cultural difference, in movies from the western world we are plagued with over-professional arrogant women instead, which is just as much cliché. Maybe we could get something in between, like an interesting character? So, forget about the plot. Enjoy the stunts instead! They make me wonder one thing: How dangerous was this movie to make? How many times did Chan go to hospital? 10/10 for stunts. 8/10 for fun and action. 2/10 for story.

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