Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal


Crime / Documentary / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
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Jillian Peterson as Susan McBride
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Matthew Modine as Joe Slovak
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by diana_m_j 9 / 10 / 10

Very Well Done Documentary

I just finished this documentary, and thought it was very well done. What is atrocious, however, is that the "back door" donations (parents donating multi-millions directly to colleges to get their kids in) is apparently a legal and accepted practice. This has to stop, as it's really no more ethical than the Operation Varsity Blues scandal. Colleges can make money from their sports teams, donors who are truly *donating* without expecting something in return, as well as any government grants. That's IT. Routine auditing needs to be conducted on the admissions process, and the bribe donations that are deemed legal need to be exposed and ended. Before watching this, I, of course, was familiar with the scandal and who the big players were, but I didn't know the intricacies of the scam. The ONE person I feel sorry for is the former Stanford sailing coach (who agreed to take part in this documentary). Sure, what he did was technically wrong, but he didn't do it to financially benefit HIMSELF, he did it to benefit Stanford's sailing team. I can see the difference, and am glad he has overcome this and appears to be doing well. As far as the others (with the exception of the kids who had no knowledge of the scam), I think they got off way too easily. However, their reputations (as well as their kids') have been permanently damaged, and that might negatively affect them more than any fine or prison sentence. They have huge egos, so that likely hits them where it hurts the most. I highly recommend this program to those who are interested in true crime and the exposure of injustice.

Reviewed by saadgkhan 10 / 10 / 10

In America, We Love the Wealthy and We Hate the Wealthy

Operation Varsity Blues - A- (Almost Perfect) Operation Varsity Blues perfectly captures the menace Ivy Leagues collages have become in recent years. The reason, a person like Rick Singer can infiltrate the system is not because he is a genius but because the colleges have loopholes which allows it to be benefited with no questions asked. All culprits should have been heavily fined for the greater good, and utilised that money for underprivileged as rightly said in the documentary. Instead, they got minimal few weeks and months sentence and that's about it. You want to make an example out of it as there is nothing worst than wealthy loosing their money. Reputation, I bet most of them are famous for being famous so it doesn't matter to them. The famous say or did something which offended someone, they apologise and then move on to the next thing. Then they do something again, then another apology. It is a cycle, which has made these people completely desensitized to their wrong doings. Hundreds of young hopeful students must have lost their chance in these prestige colleges over multiple decades due to crooks like Rick but unfortunately it won't put a tend into their system. I honestly bet, that Rick will be watching this in his mansion and saying Oh, they got my gym shirt wrong; I don't wear that much Blue. America has truly become a land of opportunity for the evil.

Reviewed by jasha89 10 / 10 / 10

Aint it great being rich

A story about a college fraud. There is a "back door" and a "side door" and who knows how many more doors available to get anything in life, not just education for your kids. If you have the money, your options are limitless, yet it is never enough. They have enough money for the rest of their life but they always want more. Can you imagine the audacity to push illegaly for your kids to get into schools knowing they dont deserve it? knowing they will kick out someone who actually deserves it, paying money and in the end get a joke, literally a joke of a sentense for doing so (few weeks to a few months in jail)....give me a break please. With that kind of punishment they will do the same thing tomorrow if the opportunity arrives.

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