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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MrMeatHook 1 / 10 / 10

Avoid at all costs!

I need to preface this review with the fact that I LOVE bad Shark movies. Most of them are so bad that I quite enjoy laughing at them. House Shark, Ghost Shark, and Sharknado are prefect examples of movies that know how bad they are and roll with it. This movie takes itself WAY too seriously! It's bad... really, really, REALLY bad. I'm normally a champion of microbudget horror and all of the great bad movies it can bring. This one though? Yikes! The plot is discombobulated, the acting is wooden... so, so wooden. One of the characters spends the entire movie looking straight in one direction while quite possibly reading his lines off of cue cards. The police uniforms are just postman jackets with a police emblem ironed onto the shoulder. No weapon, no badge... just the jacket. It's 71 minutes and feels like it's 4 hours. The Shark is the only thing I got even the slightest bit of satisfaction from. It's a cheap rubber puppet, which COULD have been a plus, but in this case it wasn't, because they showed it too much, and you get tired of it. I don't normally care if a movie has nudity or not, but in this case, I think it actually may have helped make it at least a tad watchable. I can honestly see why this movie spent 2 years on the shelf. I kind of wish it had stayed there. The fact that I now have this in my DVD collection actually makes me kind of nauseous. I seriously cannot recommend this movie to ANYONE!!! Run away. Run far, far away. Once you think you're far enough away... keep running!!

Reviewed by klaushutchinson 1 / 10 / 10

I wanted to like this one

Usually I can at least have a laugh at this rubbish. I couldn't even laugh at this one. The acting is not even acting. It is appallingly. Everyone involved in this piece of crap should never be allowed to step foot near a film protect again. However, if you are looking for fat chics in bikinis, you've come to the right place. WARNING: Don't press play.

Reviewed by nebk 1 / 10 / 10

Worse Than Bad

Directed by someone who has 40 directing credits and only one reaches a score higher than 2 out of 10, Ouija Shark is pretty much as the title suggest about a growling shark ghost brought back into the world through an Ouija board by a group of "teenagers". The acting is bad, the dialogue is worse, the effects hahahaha what effect, even the board itself is a cheap wooden homemade plank. Honestly it's a 70 minute movie that is about 68 minutes too long. It has one funny moment when a girl says "thank God it's going after him first" just before her friend gets killed and then she uses what is essentially a twig to try and defend herself. And when the shark eats someone sometimes they disappear in a flash and sometimes there is fake blood flying. That's its...

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