Our Planet: Behind the Scenes

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dragon-capri 9 / 10 / 10

Very beautiful and sad .....

It's incredible the job behind the crew to shot amazing footage. This documentary shows how's frustrating can be to have the perfect spot (if nature allows it). The last part of the documentary is very very sad ...

Reviewed by jb-14974 5 / 10 / 10

Watch the OUR PLANET series FIRST...

... In order to understand the goal of the footage that's captured. From watching orangutans using tools to get food, to seeing the lengths that walruses go to get it, we witness how man has pursued "humanity" and the effects this goal has ultimately had on the world's current environment.

Reviewed by JakeBrinkman 5 / 10 / 10

Better as an episode

As a standalone film, there's really no reason to make this. The exciting parts just tease the awesome sights seen in the full series Our Planet, and any sort of narrative that they build is thrown out the window with the final segment. I'm glad they didn't hold back and kept the last part in, but that part is probably what forced them to make this a separate film. From an editing perspective, the ending is terrible, and not just in the most obvious way. It's cut very awkwardly and gave me the feeling that I had accidentally stopped a movie right at the climax. A few more moments were needed to solidly conclude the episode. However, as an episode of the show, it would fit perfectly. It still shows some great shots, and it's extremely informative to see the successes, failures, and wild adventures of the film crew.

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