Out for Justice


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Gina Gershon as Pat Allanson 2 episodes, 2009
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Julianna Margulies as Claire Miller
Steven Seagal as Cmdr. Marshall Lawson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shortround8391 8 / 10 / 10

One of Seagal's best

Alright guys, I'm gonna be straight with you. In this review, I'm gonna be praising "Out for Justice" and will be recommending it to anyone, but the truth is, Steven Seagal's best movie to me is always gonna be "Under Siege", period. "Out for Justice" to me is more like his second best, even though you might think that saying that might not be saying much at all, the truth is "Out for Justice" is an a great martial arts film that is worth your time. During Steven Seagal's ponytail years and before "Under Siege" came out, Seagal was basically putting out a few martial arts films that were considered to be something new at the time. And because of that, they were box-office successes and other actors such as Jean Claude Van Damme and Wesley Snipes started doing what Seagal was doing and the three of them rose to stardom. But during the course of the 1990's and the 2000's, the mainstream culture started to look to other martial artists (like Jason Statham in his ridiculous Transporter films) and Seagal, Van Damme and Snipes started doing their thing in the straight-to-DVD way and things will never be the same again. But thank god we still have the movies to watch forever, and "Out for Justice" does Seagal's career a whole lot of true justice. In this, he plays a Gino Felino, a tough as nails cop who grew up on the streets of Brooklyn and with Mafia ties. But one day, his best friend Bobby is ruthlessly shot and killed in daylight and in front of his wife and kids by a wannabe wise-guy named Richie (William Forsythe). And Gino happens to know him since those two were kids, and he's willing to do anything to get to Richie, such as arresting his sister to get information and even being rough with his parents. Also, even the mob guys are after Richie since he's making them look bad, but they keep screwing up and Richie keeps killing whoever they send to get him. And Seagal isn't too shabby as an actor when he gives that depressing monologue about his character's father, but I'll admit that there were some areas that he could've improved on to make it better. And his slick fighting skills make his character really stand out. And also the part when he saves a harmless pup from being run-over by a car after its owner threw it out in a garbage bag on the road, is what is another defining point of him. And then in the end he finds that owner and kicks that guy in his family jewels. Pretty funny stuff there. Also, William Forsythe's portrayal as the psychotic Richie is another one of the movies best parts. He's completely believable in his role as a guy who was always breaking the law since the start and then finally loses his mind when he starts taking crack and dope. And Forsythe displays his character's emotions of insanity and fury with sheer skill, and also I laugh every time the line "Shut up about the f**king mouse!" is said. And as always, the action is what's best, the aikido/ martial arts is completely realistic and doesn't seem too fake or stiff that some karate-esquire movies do. The action is absolutely and positively brutal, bloody and violent. And this is clear proof why Steven Seagal is the best at what he does, the scene in the bar in which Gino takes a billiard ball wrapped in a towel and whacks Richies men and knocks a guy's teeth out is one of Seagal's best ever fight scenes. And who could forget the end when Gino storms that house with a shotgun and totally trashes the hell out of Richie? I actually just rented this movie last night from Blockbuster and I was amazed at how wrong I was about Seagal before. He doesn't deserve all the criticism he gets for not giving any depth to his characters, but in "Out for Justice" I was seeing some of that. And next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna buy this on DVD and add it to my collection. Who knows? Maybe I'll even start making a collection of Seagal movies and this is along with "Under Siege" is a start.....

Reviewed by chief_ryback 8 / 10 / 10

Have criminals ever had it so bad?

This film is the ultimate violence film. i'm not going to give any specific examples but the fight scenes are so brutal is hilarious. its not like one of those japanese ninja violence films, or evil dead type violence. this is like real-life violence. seagal plays gion fellino, a tough brooklyn cop, who is as the title suggests, out for justice. after the start seagal goes round giving a good hiding to anyone who so much as looks at him funny. the scenes in the butcher shop, the pool hall and the final fight are the best examples of the violence in this film, however they are scattered all over the place. its about 2 minutes into the film before the first person gets a severe decking from seagal. and its fairly brutal. the butcher shop is a good example of seagals martial arts abilities, but more of the fact that gino is a total bad-ass. the pool hall is the macho scene and is a ripper. no-one escapes a good decking. and the final fight is pretty much the harshest beating i've seen in any film. well apart from when like old people get battered but you'll see what i mean if you watch it. make sure to get it on dvd too. its really badly cut on vhs. overall, this film is an all time ripsnorter and probably my favourite seagal film, and in my top ten films of all time.

Reviewed by emperor_bender 8 / 10 / 10

"You crazy? You coulda shot somebody upstairs!" "But there ain't nobody upstairs!"

Sometimes, you're just in the mood for a good ass-kicking action movie. That is the definition of Out for Justice. The movie is not very big on plot, although it does offer some in-sight on different back-stories, characters' pasts and several other things. We do get to know some characters pretty well, but others not so much. Steven Seagal stars as the protagonist Gino Felino, the tough, ass-kicking cop who does things his own violent way but still has a soft side evident. William Forsythe stars as the antagonist Richie Madano, the drug using, dirty, evil, sniveling, careless wise-guy who's violent night-long/citywide rampage has Gino chasing him all over town. There are a lot of great action scenes, and plenty of ass-kicking by Steven Seagal for those who are into pure action. I usually like movies with a good story, but once in a while I like to kick back with a good, senseless action movie. So if you're into movies that favor action over plot: This is definitely one for you. 8/10.

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