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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jcoker-53167 1 / 10 / 10

Jake's pathetic downfall

This film is downright awful for two unforgivable reasons. The first is that the main love interest characters' names are "Jake and Jade". Which throws you off at the very beginning when they randomly travel to the past & you're trying to figure out who these two kids are and their names sound exactly alike. The second is Jake's downfall which is so pathetic it's literally unbelievable. SPOILER it starts off with Jake dropping out of the special forces. As he arrives back at his hotel he finds his fiance (not Jade) having sex with some guy in the room next to theirs - mind you, she gets mad at him for catching her in the act. He walks off with his tail between his legs and decides to head to the casino and get some hookers. He proceeds to play craps when he arrives, goes all in after he won a ton of money, and loses it all. Then he heads to the bar where he chats up one of the hookers, convinces her to go to the hotel with her hooker friends. What starts off as one would assume would be a massive drug and alcohol induced orgy, instead has Jake getting so hammered he walks away from all of the fun going on in the bedroom, and passes out naked on the bathroom floor. The hookers briefly glance and him lying there, get up, empty his pockets, and walk out. We then find Jake walking down an alley, drinking a beer, when he sees an attempted rape about to happen. He tries to stop it when a mob appears out of nowhere and beat the crap out of him (Remember this guy was a Sgt in the Special Forces ~12 hours prior). Jake goes and has a seat on the gutter when it begins to rain and a passerby gives him change because they think he's homeless ... fast forward 6 months when Jade searches for Jake so he can do her a favor. When she finds him - low and behold he is literally a bum in a sleeping back on the side of the road ... You can't make this stuff up

Reviewed by blueboy41758757 1 / 10 / 10


Bad acting bad directing worst film I have watched in a long time don't waste your time on it

Reviewed by devil_dragon_20 1 / 10 / 10

Don't Bother

Got just over 30 min into it, it was bad, and then someone acting as a Lieutenant Commander is sat there her rank slides on the wrong way up! Poor research, poor continuity, poor acting. Did not waste my time finishing the movie, for the first time ever for me, I stopped watching it before the end.

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