Outlaws and Angels


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller / Western

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April 7, 2019



Chad Michael Murray as Atticus Virtue
Francesca Eastwood as El Camino
Luke Wilson as Self
Teri Polo as Robin Hand
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by garmus 9 / 10 / 10

Gets Extreme

A lot about this movie will get hate from most people. However if you like good stories that don't follow cliches or stereotypes do yourself a favor and give this one a go. I took a star away from the review because in my eyes one of the characters in the story were much weaker than believable. It took away from the movie a little, but not enough to ruin it. Don't underestimate the beginning and story development. This movie is a sad and truthful depiction of humanity.

Reviewed by Fareed Batcha 1 / 10 / 10

A bad pizza.

Now you might wonder why I'm calling it a bad pizza, that's because no matter how bad a pizza might be, I'll always take a slice. That's what I did with this movie. Now the slice might not be good but hey at least I GOT a slice.. Now applying my Pizza philosophy here: The 'slice' being, it's a damn good story. A twisted western. Loved every part of the story. Hats off to the writer and the person that came up with the idea. I'll give credit to JT Mollner there. Now about the pizza: The director was absolutely horrible. The weird zooms. what the heck was that. Completely unnecessary. The editing had it's flaws too, picked out some mistakes as well but assuming that the editors had to work with what the director gave them, I don't blame 'em. The acting was mediocre at it's best. The only actors that stood out as actually decent was the female lead Flo (Francesca Eastwood) and her mother, Ada (Teri Polo). Rest all were mediocre. And finally, Luke Wilson. How the hell did this guy become an actor??! He was horrible the first time I saw him in Idiocracy (2006) Although I thought that movie had potential. His southern accent (I assume) sounds like a HORRIBLE impression of Owen Wilson. All he had to do was say 'Wooow'. Honestly I could go on ranting about this movie, the unnecessary scenes, amateur camera work. Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you do a bad job. You can find people who have lower budget make YouTube videos a millions times better with better actors. Should you order the pizza in the first place? If you got time to kill and have nothing better to do, and I mean absolutely nothing, then go for it sure, watch it. BUT if you're looking for something entertaining and you don't watch a lot of movies then I'd skip it

Reviewed by azraeli 1 / 10 / 10

Absolute disaster

This is the proof how fuc... up is America and why there is so much shooting and kills. I wonder who can watch this total nonsense of most profanation of family values and moral and ethics. SO sick and twisted in many ways I gonna thr.. up watching it. Such 'stories'/'movies' deserve 0 $ budget and 0 people watching it. I hope the director of this garbage to experience the same "adventure" in his life. How pathetic .. i cant forgive myself spending 2 hours watching this ..........................................

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