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Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus
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Roddy McDowall as Mr. Dante
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jack Vasen 8 / 10 / 10

Crazy fun

This movie doesn't take itself seriously, so how do you describe it in the usual terms of plot, acting, and direction. The plot is predictable and ridiculous but it's still great. The acting? Looks like they had a great time doing it and it was fun to watch so who cares. The movie turned out great so the directing was fine. It's a cute love story with the usual 1) they hate each other, 2) they fall in love, 3) something breaks them up, and 4) well you know how that goes. Goldie Hawn is adorable. I thought she overplayed the rich witch a little, but then that was how all the rich people were played. Kurt Russell is fine, but besides Hawn, the stars were the kids. I loved the last line of the movie.

Reviewed by mike48128 7 / 10 / 10

Cute Fun for Goldie and Kurt and Better Than it Should be

Directed by Gary Marshall and one of his best. Essentially both a fable and a 30's-style "Screwball Comedy". Goldie Hawn (Joanna) has terrific fun playing the "rich and spoiled bitch" who gets taken down a peg or two by a "backwoodsman" carpenter (Kurt Russell as "Dean Proffitt") in rural Oregon. He is a widower, saddled with 4 unruly boys and she lives in the lap of luxury with a yacht and mansion. She throws him overboard with his tools, after "stiffing" him on a very clever $600 shoe-closet remake because "it's not made of cedar". She later falls overboard herself, trying to retrieve her diamond ring which has also fallen overboard. She wakes up in the hospital with amnesia and Dean claims her as his wife "Annie". Although he recognizes her from the news and TV, Joanna's husband does not do anything about it. He takes advantage of the situation to play around with other women. Dean dresses "Annie" in rags and saddles her with an endless gauntlet of chores which she handles surprisingly well! Of course she eventually falls in love with Dean and rejects her useless former life when she recovers her memory. Paramount to the plot is a tiny identifying birthmark on her back "cheek" which is fuzzed out in the "cable" version. Predictable? You bet. A lot of fun? Of course. Roddy McDowall as "the butler" and Edward Hermann as Joanna's playboy husband add a lot to the cast. A few "blue-nosed" reviewers disliked the fact that Dean "gets into bed" with "Annie" as they are not really married. That's so ironic, as the two have been happily-never-married for over 35 years in real life!

Reviewed by TonyMontana96 7 / 10 / 10

Russell and Hawn have solid chemistry in this fairly enjoyable, lighthearted comedy.

(Originally reviewed: 14/02/2017) Real life duo Russell and Hawn have solid on screen chemistry in this good, at times rather funny light comedy. Garry Marshall's direction is spot on; he knows how to make use of locations and there are some great shots towards the start of the picture that really stand out. A few funny moments include Russell and Hawn trading insults which could possibly be seen as flirting but within that scene he's staring at her backside while eating some posh crackers and a joke involving Hawn's amnesia and her husband deciding to leave her which results in dialogue such as he wanted a clean break; though some will hardly find Overboard's general story acceptable; I for one found it original and refreshing. The supporting cast are all watchable and there's plenty of funny moments and heart-warming scenes with real sincerity among the characters to warrant a recommendation; overboard may have its share of jokes that miss the mark and some of the dialogue isn't too impressive but it's a good comedy with strong chemistry and a story that works out well in the end.

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