Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!!



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September 11, 2020


Bruce Vilanch as Uncle Max
Carmen Electra as Mystique
John Lloyd Young as Nelson Hirsch
Lainie Kazan as Mama
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by qui_j 3 / 10 / 10

Overuse of cliches and stereotypes

This is a very poorly made film, one that is filled with all the Gay, Jewish and Italian stereotypes you can imagine. The acting is poor, with the actors delivering their lines like they are reading them from a teleprompter. There is no chemistry between the two actors portraying the gay son and his partner so that becomes unbelievable. Low budget doesn't always have to mean a poor production but it certainly does in this case! Just not worth watching at all.

Reviewed by mbuchwald 1 / 10 / 10

film for the 1970s

I also saw OY VEY MY SON IS GAY in Montreal and was very disappointed. Full of clichés, both Jewish and gay, it was hard to believe that families would behave the way they did in today's western world. Maybe in the 70s. The acting was over the top; mugging to the cameras; gratuitous use of Carmen Electra's physical charms. The cast of characters were all stock: Jewish parents, relatives both pro- and anti-gay, opposite types as male lovers, siblings who understand but stay silent. The list could go on. One could have predicted the denouement of the movie after 10 minutes. I don't recommend this film unless you are amused by trashy, Hollywood-type entertainment masquerading as an independent movie.

Reviewed by nerg112 1 / 10 / 10

A tacky movie coming to a theater near you..

I saw Oy Vey My Son Is Gay last week when I was visiting a friend in NYC. They were doing a screening of the film for amfAR. After the cartoon intro, the actual film started off odd and very choppy. It was almost uncomfortable to even watch. As the film progressed, I had high hopes for the movie. A good cast and with so much going on in the gay community, a good chance to really talk about relevant subject matters through comedy. I was disappointed on all levels. The film was simply embarrassing to watch. Instead of focusing on relevant subject matter it perpetuated obvious stereotypes of the GLBT community. I'm a proud parent of a gay child and I was offended that this was the best that they could come up with. I'd highly recommend seeing something else. It was waste of an hour of my time. No good messages to walk away with. I doubt it will ever make it into a theater.

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