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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Imdbidia 9 / 10 / 10


One of the things I resent the most in modern children's film and stories and in modern animation is that they can be visually enthralling but have not magic, no soul or no charm. I also dislike the fact that too many fables and old-books stories are brought to the screen with no soul and respect for the original characters and stories. To my delight, this is not Paddington's case. Paddington is a brilliant exception to the dullness, soulless bunch of animated movies for kids out there. This is so mostly so because the original story is there, Paddington and the the Brown's family's souls and personalities are there, they feel modern and contemporary, but not too far removed from the original. Pablo Grillo's animation is fantastic per se, but there are many amazing animators out there; what sets this film animation apart is the magic infused into it, so we come to see Paddington as Paddington, not as a puppet, not as a CGI character, not as a fictional. Paddington feels real in this movie, as real as any of the actors. The ambiance of the film is whimsical, it mixes elements that are very modern but also capturing a bit of the old London where the original story is set. The film has a great tempo, is full of fancy and fun, innocence and naughtiness, havoc and tenderness, action and stillness, happiness and sadness, adventure, laughter and family love. The cast in this film is great, per se, but that not always guarantees a good movie in the end. However, all the actors are great and believable in this film. I especially liked Nicole Kidman in her evil sassy ruthless manipulative and sweet villain role. The music is also fantastic with plenty of Latin rhythms throughout the film. Paddington is Peruvian, after all. Paddington is not only a very sweet, fun an enjoyable film. It also has a great message about accepting those who are different and welcoming those who need of our care because have nowhere to go; two things that we should be reminded of in these troubled times when refugees are sometimes treated as an "it" not as Paddington. There should be more Brown families in the world. I was expecting another dumb movie for kids. To my delight, Paddington is a a tender fun-filled magical film that made me feel a kid again.

Reviewed by fluturoj 9 / 10 / 10


Real-life link: Just for the record, I have never experienced that kind of snow in London and I have lived here for a very long time. So that is way beyond reality (tho I wish it will someday snow like that). However, one very true fact about London is that indeed everyone is different and because of that everyone can fit in and feel like home. The magic of London I guess. What the movie emphasised on was dealing with accepting that you are different and feeling comfortable with it. Sad however, to see that Paddington was only able to do that when the Browns did suggesting that the only way to be comfortable with who you are, is of those around you are. It is in many cases true but it shouldn't be and movie developed around this suggestion are indeed not helping to change that. The movie is very hear-warming. Warm family atmosphere and a lot of scenes that made me laugh out loud (literally). Acting is great as well, with Hugh Bonneville being amazing as always. And the editing is also not a usual one which makes the movie great. London is also nicely portrayed and it was a pleasure to see some very familiar places in the movie. To conclude, I would definitely recommend this to everyone (yes, including adults).

Reviewed by Hannah 9 / 10 / 10

Charming Family Film

Theres One Thing For Sure Paddington Is A Great Story By A Wonderful Author. The Film Does Not Fail To Uphold The Standard Of The Book. The Film Has A Great, Strong Cast. The Film Has The Right Balance Of Humour, Charm, And Dramatic Momments. Whilst The Overall Plot Is Predictable, It Is Still Very Enjoyable, And Is A Good Two Hours Of Entertainment. I Recommend This Film To Anyone. I Wasnt Dissapointed By This Film. Very Good Right The Way Through, And It Is Sure To Leave You Smiling At The End.

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