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Alisha Wainwright as Maggie Hayes
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Justin Timberlake as Eddie Palmer
Ryder Allen as Sam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jwvandegronden-1 8 / 10 / 10

Amazing... Well written, great acting, and gutwrenchingly honest

I don't know if all the possible realities portrayed are as common or as valid as real life often shows us, but within the logic and the narrative of the story, all the emotions were so human, and so relatable, I cried a few times troughout the movie. No emotional blackmail, but real human interaction with the ordeal of the characters. That was very powerful. Juno temple really took my breath away with her performance as the mother of Sam. The moment she realizes she has to hand over custody of her own son, who she is hurting by being her incomplete self, the raw feeling of both courage and a cop-out, with all the inner turmoil knowing your kid is going to choose someone else over you, and you agree with that... I can't put into words what that does to me as a father, if I would be in that circumstance it would kill me, it would rip my heart out. And it is such a powerful moment. Not a moment you feel pressured in taking sides, on the contrary. I oftentimes felt quartered by my constantly shifting loyalty between the different protagonists in this movie, and the struggles they went through. Justin Timberlake is a great actor, Ryder Allen is marvelous and does such a great job at being both vulnerable and unwaveringly true to himself and the chemistry between the two is so well captured, I can go on and on. There are definitely some classical all American standards that might put you off in any other film, but in this it is the string of pearls of real moments and real emotions that hold the movie together and overshadow any shortcomings in the peripheral story lines. Go watch the movie. Well worth the investment, mainly the emotional kind.

Reviewed by jarmste2 10 / 10 / 10

It's Very Good But Let's Be Honest

For the people saying this movie is no good - you're way off. For the people saying it's one of the greatest movies of all time - you're way off. Why can't we just say that a movie is really good, not great? It's a really nice story with interesting characters. I'd recommend it to anyone that has an open mind. Bonus points to JT for playing a character so remarkably different than himself. It resonates for people especially from smaller towns or who have dealt with bullying growing up. I personally loved it, but I'd give it a solid 6 out of 10 in the grand spectrum of movies (and that's just fine).

Reviewed by jlc-68856 10 / 10 / 10

My story.

I can not express my absolute appreciation for this film and all involved. I am Sam. This film hit me harder than anything/anyone in my life. My mom passed on Christmas Eve 1985 of breast cancer and my biological father became Jeremy and the addict Shelly. I was tortured for who I was for years both physically and sexually. Before passing, my mother would grant me anything I asked for and that all went away when she did. I was placed in "the system" for several years until ultimately adopted by another abuser. I'm 40 now and identify as a cis male. However, I have never seen such an amazing portrayal of my life in film or television. I wish I could personally thank both Mr. Timberlake and the young actor who played the role of Sam. This film did more healing than the more than 30 years of therapy I've received. Thank you! [email protected]

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