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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aurelia_Destiny 1 / 10 / 10

It's Really, Really, REALLY Bad!

I thought that I'd give it a chance, but the movie wasn't even funny in the slightest. Not even B grade, so bad it's funny. None of the characters are likeable in the slightest, even the supposed good girl (Final Girl). I was hoping that every single person would die. Not even the killer was interesting. Every word spoken was some kind of cliche and the chanters did really stupid things that a normal person wouldn't. The strippers were attractive or could even dance at all. There wasn't much of a plot to think of. Don't watch this! Save your sanity.

Reviewed by carlywarlycarl 10 / 10 / 10

How can you not like this?

Great movie. We need more movies like this. Felt like it was worthy of at least something like channel 4.

Reviewed by moviemac-73936 10 / 10 / 10

Slasher comedy that became an instant favorite!

The office men in this film are wild caricatures of the stereotypical misogynist office worker, and I don't like them... not even a bit, but we really aren't supposed to... The film is much more of a comedy than expected; I know, I know, killer in a panda mask and you expect big drama and such? Well we do get a surprisingly emotional performance from Arielle, one scene near the middle and she really sells it... give this girl some type of award because she earned it... Loved the Panda killer too; he's not the silent antagonist of typical slasher films, and this is far beyond the typical slasher film... he always has a "dad joke" level quip for his kills and I will not apologize for loving it This may be the best film from this studio I have seen yet and you should buy it...

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