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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by roamingmanager 1 / 10 / 10

Low budget tosh !

You only have to look a little closely at people who leave reviews like chrisgordon75 to see that they are so biased and career aligned with cast and/or crew. A box, a gun, predator looking bad guys and a bunch of tribal goons running around. As it's low budget, I will give praise to the costume design. The crying scene with the lead actress reminds me of Roy Hattersley from Spitting Image. The scenery and music was too over-powering and did nothing to save me from the mundane script, unconvincing and over-cooked acting. Don't believe the hype and don't waste your money !

Reviewed by adam-mulley-614-863785 1 / 10 / 10

Very very poor! Other reviews have to be fakes!

Probably the worst acting I have seen in a while, poor dialect and unbelievable characters, I do not understand how the other user reviews, are 10/10!!! This has to be the cast and crew writing them! Nobody in their right might would think this was good, it is cringe-worthy all the way through, the plot has been plagiarised, from others,such as the hunger games and game of thrones, but just to make sure they are not directly plagiarising this, most likely it was changed, which is why you get some parts of game of thrones and other parts like the hunger games. I have seen better amateur YouTube videos! I am seriously wondering if anyone else, other than the cast and crew who have definitely rated this, because they all seem to pick out the parts and make them sound good, with hints of trumpets being blown by their owners!! I think it's very dishonest, I had enough of this fake reviews bull on trip adviser, why can't people be honest? This film was terrible I actually can't believe that anyone actually enjoyed it, I had to turn it off half way because it was so bad I couldn't take it anymore! Kids with their iPhone's could do better!

Reviewed by dallasvan 1 / 10 / 10

All the other reviews are clearly by the production crew

It's shameful but it appears most of the reviews of Pandorica are from people directly involved in the production of the movie. Here's an actual honest review. This movie looks like it was somebody's college homework, and I hope they got an A. However, the movie is not at all honest about itself. It is not a psychological horror thriller. It's barely entertainment. The pacing is inadequate. Nothing shocking or surprising happens. The story is predictable and barely present, the acting is not horrible. Love seems to have gone into the filming but not the script. There are silly continuity errors, the facepaint looks a little too Space Oddity, and there is virtually no character progression. Also, I get kind of a racist vibe from the film. The plot arc makes absolutely no sense.. The main character waits until the end of the film to do something that she could have done for the entire film. It's ridiculous.

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