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Alyssa Diaz as Carmen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by allan05 8 / 10 / 10

A clever and ambitious sci-fi rendezvous from another dimension!

Twilight Zone meets Matrix meets Black Mirror meets Dark, simply put, Isaac Ezban's finest work to date. If you enjoyed the combo mentioned earlier, this movie will twist you upside down from beginning and until the very end.

Reviewed by KikoMorah 8 / 10 / 10

This movie works on many universes.

I had the joy of watching Isaac Ezban's a couple of months ago at BIFFF 2018. It has a great cast, and what I believe is a constant in Ezban's films, a great story. Ezban's touch is clear and noticeable. It is obvious that the studio believed in his vision. As for the performances, the cast maintained a consistent tone while marking a clear difference between the "versions" of the characters they were playing at the time. The most noticeable performance comes from the film's antagonist, Mr. Robot's Martin Wallström. The cinematography is for sure one of the most experimental aspects fo the film. The choice of providing a completely different visual narrative for each universe visited is brave and super creative but at moments it was a bit too weird for my personal taste. This English-language debut will be a breaking point for the director and it's a great first approach to a wider audience. He's got a hell of a job in adapting Summer of Night, his next project. Worth a watch for sure!!

Reviewed by yuval-invoke 8 / 10 / 10

One of the most thrilling amazing sci-fi movies

Just saw it today in a Sci-Fi convention in Israel, a friend who is one of the organizers recommended it to me - it's a really good solid sci-fi movie, smart and intelligent. It really takes advantage of the premise, and has all the parallel universe "takes" and "twists" you can think about. It's nicely written, well directed, well-developed and round characters, and has some amazing photography work. The background of the characters is that they are in a high-tech company, and as someone involved in this world in real life, they did a good job in portraying this world "authentically". As the director said in the Q&A session, it's 'The Social Network' meets SciFi.

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