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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nadinesalakovv 6 / 10 / 10

Paranoia is only entertaining when you follow the plot closely from start to finish.

Iv'e streamed this film a few times, and iv'e had mixed feelings about it, i recently rented it on Amazon Prime and iv'e realized that this type of movie can only be entertaining if you pay close attention to the plot from start to finish. The tech-talk can be confusing to people who are not tech-geeks, the computer-talk alone can get you to lose interest, but if you stick with it and thoroughly follow what is going on - the movie becomes interesting.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 3 / 10 / 10

Flawed, Brainless but Entertaining

"Paranoia" is one of those films that are flawed, brainless but entertaining. The story of the ambitious twenty-seven year old Adam Cassidy with debts in the hospital for the expensive treatment of his father that in a couple of days becomes an important executive of a corporation competitor of the company that he was fired is totally absurd. He uses US$ 16,000 in the corporation card to party and what would he expect? Therefore, the tight spot that he is in is caused by a ridiculous situation. The coincidence of having one night stand with Emma Jennings is another unbelievable part of the screenplay. The unethical Adam Cassidy should have been in prison for a long period, since his lack of character and manipulation are disgusting. Emma returning to him is also incredible for an intelligent woman that was used. But forgetting these ridiculous situations, the viewer can enjoy the beauty of Amber Heard; the always great Gary Oldman and Richard Dreyfuss; see Josh "Sawyer" Holloway once again; and a good cast with Harrison Ford, Embeth Davidtz, Julian McMahon and Liam Hemsworth. Shutdown your brain and you may have a good time. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "Conexão Perigosa" ("Dangerous Connection")

Reviewed by jacobjohansson-50807 3 / 10 / 10

At least it could have had potential...

Well as my title says, the movie could have had potential. I mean, there are tons of really good "infiltration movies" out there. However, I realized quite instantly that this one wouldn't be a "winner", but I still had some expectations. Its a somewhat good cast and once again; the story has potential. But... it fails. The way the story has been filmed is messy, and the story in itself is made so ridiculous that I cannot take the movie seriously. I mean... the story concerns this new mobile solution that would revolutionize the whole market. And... that's okay... but the feeling I get is that this should be a "serious" and "realistic" movie. I mean... I think a movie have to "pick a side"; either its completely fictional, "Minority Report style" (which is a good movie), or it is serious "Departed style". This one seem to want to take some of both. It tries to become this serious thriller that have a modern theme. Sorry, but a completely unrealistic technical solution, almost Sean Connery's James Bond style... I mean, of course a private businessman can control any TV, camera or anything... and of course a tech student can copy/paste fingerprints and anything, just like that! And this while the movie tries to make everything look planned by having people talking completely nonsense technical terms that doesn't even mean anything! And then...the rest of the story is also completely strange! The guy meets a woman... that rejects him. He starts at her company... she still rejects him. They go to a company event... and she suddenly loves him? And this is how the movie goes on... completely nonsense, and it's pretty much going on the whole movie. Sorry. It had potential with a promising story - but they screwed it up completely! And the ending... yeah, it doesn't get better. This guy wants to present his product in front of a big tech company and does a lousy job, and is therefore rejected. The manager tells him to infiltrate a competitor. So they fix the guy a job with the competitor, where the guy just walks in, and presents a product like a god (nice coincidence right?). And you can guess from the start what happens - he falls in love with a woman at the competitor company, and the competitor himself seem like a good guy. So how is he going to get himself out of this one? He lies to his new love, his new employer and commit several crimes, trying to steal a top secret technical device funded by the government... ...just to realize its a setup and both the tech company managers are "bad guys". But this student tech guy is a genius and fools them both, working with FBI in secret... gets them arrested (and does not get himself arrested, as he helped FBI out...). And then he starts a tech company on his own, because "there are no shortcuts to success" (like looking for a job at someone elses company?)! And yeah, he gets the girl... even though he hacked her computer, lied to her, stole her phone and used her identity to steal a top secret government property. But... yeah, that's nothing right? Well... this one didn't make sense at all. Sorry to say!

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