Parasyte: Part 2


Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by subratjain1 7 / 10 / 10

As good as the 1st one, if not better.

Parasyte: Part 1 came as a surprise to me, a pleasant one I must say. The whole concept might seem awry to some, and the poster doesn't help with that. Anyway,I watched the first one because of a good rating and had to watch part 2 consequently. It picks up right where the 1st part ends with the ever evolving duo of Shinchi & Migi trying to find a way to end the parasyte menace. At this point I must mention that the action is not as fast and frequent in this installment and it proceeds at a slower pace. But what I really liked about this was the dialogues between different entities. The justification given by Parasytes (both Tamia and others), humans and Migi+Shinchi for their survival was just amazing. It sets a really dark undertone for the film and makes you question whether humans really are the most superior race and do they really deserve to dominate the planet. The special effects are really good and most scenes stand out visually. The only disappointments were the abrupt end to the final showdown between Shinchi and the 5 in 1 parasyte and the sappy lesson at the end saying human spirit can conquer everything. Needless to say if you have watched the 1st part and enjoyed it watch this one without any hesitations. It will enthrall and entertain you for sure.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 7 / 10 / 10

Parasyte Part 2: Watchable stuff, but underwhelming

I still haven't gotten around to watching the Parasyte anime, I hear mixed things. I did however watch the first Parasyte live action film and found myself entertained, it was good stuff. The sequel following directly on is more of the same but lacked the novelty value of the first and I found myself rather disappointed by it. Full of frantic fast paced actions sequences, a continuation of the originals plot and decent sfx I'm not saying it's bad by any means I'm simply saying it's underwhelming as a sequel. Maybe this is a travesty compared to the anime like the live action Attack On Titan movies were, maybe the live action is better alike Assassination Classroom. Time will tell, but I'm not upset there are no more Parasyte movies after this one. The Good: Follows on from the first film Looks great The Bad: Messy plot I still think Migi looks ridiculous Things I Learnt From This Movie: If a mothers last wish is that you take care of her baby, seconds after she dies dump it on the first person you see Teenage boy with a creature for a right hand, there are so many questions/jokes here I wouldn't even know where to start

Reviewed by siderite 7 / 10 / 10

Losing a bit of its pace, but great continuation of the first part

This was always a single movie, they just released it in two parts. But while the first part went quickly over the events that set up the arrival of the aliens and presented the main characters, thus compressing a lot of the original manga/anime story, this part loses the pace and gets to have a few boring scenes. They are mostly flashbacks and emotional explanations of what the characters felt (even if it was quite obvious from their actions and they were dying :) ), but still, a little jarring. I think a better edit of the material would have created a nice two hours and a half single movie that didn't suffer from pacing issues. That being said, the movie ends well, with too little of Gotou, one of the more interesting characters in the story, but with great development for all the others. Maybe except Satomi Murano, who was always the damsel in distress and not doing very much. I recommend this movie to sci fi fans from all over. While the philosophical speeches increase in number in this part, I still think Parasyte is a good sci-fi horror movie that needs more recognition.

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