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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tweekums 7 / 10 / 10

A solid Jason Statham crime thriller

Parker is a thief with his own moral code; he won't rob from those who can't afford it and he won't hurt anybody unless he thinks they deserve it… he also does what he says he will do and expects the same of others. His father in law sets him up with a reputable crew to rob the Ohio State Fair; things don't quite go according to plan and afterwards this crew tell Parker that they intend to use their million dollar haul to fund their next job. Parker wants out so they shoot him and leave him for dead. Of course he isn't dead and he is soon on their trail; he intends to find them, wait for them to do their robbery then take their spoils before killing them. This takes him to Palm Beach, Florida, where he poses as a wealthy Texan looking to buy property. Estate agent Leslie Rodgers shows him a variety of properties including some that have recently sold… one particularly interests him and sure enough it is the one the gang are using as their base. When it becomes clear that Parker is alive the gang's mob connections send a killer to deal with him. If you are looking for something deep and meaningful then you are likely to be disappointed but if you want a solid crime caper with Jason Statham doing his thing then this is rather fun. In many ways Parker is like most other characters he plays; tough and almost certain to come out on top even after he has taken a beating. There is plenty of great action and a few shocking moments; most notably when Parker gets a knife through his hand. Jennifer Lopez does a decent job as Leslie; it made a refreshing change that at no point did was there any romance between the two leads. The rest of the cast were solid enough; especially Michael Chiklis who was believably menacing as the chief antagonist. Overall I'd say this is well worth watching if you are a fan of Jason Statham or enjoy the genre.

Reviewed by ToledoTrumpton 3 / 10 / 10

Critics will hate it, but it is better than most

It is an Action pic, so good action, fun one-liners, and you are pulling for the good bad guys instead of the bad bad guys all the way. I've wasted so many hours watching movies that cost so much more to make and came with gushing reviews and were garbage, so when this one turned out to be unassuming, likable and fun, I was happily surprised. Also, silky and sexy performance from Emma Booth, and Lopez is fantastic in her role too. Statham does his thing, but it is the actors around him that have to give what he does credibility. One of those films that when you think back on it, might not be as shallow as you first thought.

Reviewed by Marthian80 3 / 10 / 10

Boring yawn fest with horrible acting

Parker is a movie with a simple revenge driven plot about a thief- with-codes named Parker (Statham). The movie opens with Parker doing a job with a five-man crew who he doesn't know. The job goes well, but the other gangsters double-cross Parker and leave him for dead. Parker barely survives, and with the help of real-estate agent Leslie Rogers (Lopez) he makes it his mission to get back to them. Anyone familiar with Jason Statham starred movies knows not to expect much but there's usually decent action, funny one liners and spectacular car chases. Unfortunately, this movie has none of that. We get an incredible boring movie that is to long where nothing happens between the opening and ending scene. We get Statham going 'undercover' as a rich Texan (with the worst fake accent ever) to buy real- estate, just to force Jenifer Lopez character into the movie. It is pointless when he can also just go over to his former crime buddies place and blast them all apart. I'm of the opinion that Jenifer Lopez is not a good actress and this movie is no exception to that opinion. She is just horrible and her character makes absolutely no sense to be in this movie. My final complaint is the ridiculous amounts of damage Statham's character get's to endure that he can just shake off. He get's thrown out of a car driving at least 80 km/h while he is shot multiple times, and still lives! Even Arnold's Terminator had trouble recovering from that amount of damage. Watch Blitz or Killer Elite instead if your in for an evening of mindless entertaining with Statham and avoid this boring slug-fest like the plague.

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