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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by laurasfraser 9 / 10 / 10

Excellent film

Paul Gross' Passchendaele provides a unique perspective of the Canadian effort during the First World War. Those who are expecting just battle scenes will likely be disappointed. For those looking for character development, some romance, an interesting perspective on recruitment pressure, and yes -- AMAZING battle scenes -- then yes, this movie is for you. As a Military History student, I had no issues with the historical accuracy of the movie. Paul Gross based the first 5 minutes on his grandfather's story, and the rest is historical fiction. In general, it is an excellent representation of the period, and certainly provides a much more realistic version of the soldiers' perspective on war in 1917 than many other war films out there. I highly recommend this film.

Reviewed by doug-697 2 / 10 / 10

Beneath the surface

Passchendaele is part unabashed romance and part horrific and quite graphic war story. In film World War One has been a neglected war compared to the more morally unambiguous Second World War and the more recent Vietnam War. And films that aren't about American participation are just as neglected. Passchendaele fills that void. The movie moves quickly and switches between home life and battlefield with surprising ease and effect. I was not bored for a moment of this movie. The movie will make you care about these people when they are at home living their lives and then fear for them at war. While the battle scenes are quite brutal, they are not sensational or exploitive, since to have made them sensational or exploitive would defeat the great effort this movie takes in showing how men had to cope with life after the war and the memories of what they lived through. Undoubtedly there will be cynics who will decry some moments as contrived or melodramatic, but these are the small-minded who have missed the real emotion of this film. The movie is great entertainment, but there is something going on beneath the surface. This is the first time I can recall a film where the main character is someone who has been both emotionally damaged by the war, but does not succumb to it. I suspect there must be many men coming out of the war who were damaged, but quietly lived with that damage their entire lives. For that depiction alone, this is a great movie. The movie is not without humour and it has one of the funniest seduction lines I've ever heard uttered by a woman in a movie. The movie is entertaining, but there's a lot going on and much I haven't mentioned as I don't want to click the spoiler warning. There are scenes I'm still thinking about, which doesn't happen with every movie I see.

Reviewed by tblackwo 2 / 10 / 10

Below average. Expected much better.

I wanted to like Passchendaele so much!! I was so excited when I finally rented it and I don't think I've ever been so disappointed in a movie in a long time. 3/4 of the movie is a really forced, non-believable, way too over the top love story, with just terrible characters. (The officer who runs the recruitment station tops that list) Its the type of thing I expect from Canadian day time TV.. not the type of thing I was expecting from a supposed critically acclaimed movie. I wasn't going into this expecting a non-stop action war film, I was just expecting a great movie based on the war! And I really didn't feel like it was. Other than the name of the film and the brilliant (albeit way too short) battle at the end I just don't see this as the tribute Canada's bravest deserve. I think for a Canadian movie, technically it was superb from an effects standpoint. I think this film gets more credit than it deserves simply because of that... when the battle is on the screen, it looks, and sounds amazing, which is something you really don't expect from a Canadian film. But it has so many moments where you just completely face-palm and say.. oh come on... (the sister/nurse just happens to be stationed at the exact same place as her brother and lover are deployed... he charges straight at the enemy trench, and Schwarzenegger style he arrives completely untouched, only to be blown crucifix style onto the wood... the gross' enemy the officer from the recruitment station travels ALL THE WAY TO France, practically into the battle, just to bring him up on some petty charges) Come on boys, I really thought we had something here that would put Canada on the map. Just a complete disappointment. It takes more than just mentioning Canada to be a tribute to its soldiers. They deserved so much more than this. I really cant put into words the disappointment Im feeling after watching this film.

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