Passion Play


Drama / Fantasy / Romance

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April 3, 2019



Bill Murray as Self
Kelly Lynch as Luanne
Megan Fox as Samantha O'Hara
Mickey Rourke as The Bookie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LynxLy 8 / 10 / 10

A nice find

How is it that I never heard of this one? A fine movie... Megan Fox CAN act after all and many times I had claimed the opposite. Even though this movie was quite predictable, IMHO, it was still a great watch and we were spared the over-the-top violence that so many other lesser movies rely upon. The only murky part of the film was the whole sequence when Nate hooked up with that over-Inked junkie but I don't want to come too close to Spoiling. I mean I understood what and why it all went down but still... I haven't done a review here in eons but I saw the 4.5 rating for this and felt compelled to get people to give this a shot, well worth it. FWIW, also felt Mickey was the perfect Nate... not sure Bill M was a great Happy but not terrible either. BTW - MFox is only semi-nude but gorgeous as ever.

Reviewed by brianimdb-437-260206 8 / 10 / 10

Never never 4 out of 10

Very strong thought provoking movie with a great subtle twist! Having seen this movies rating of 4 out of ten on IMDb, I had very low expectations for this movie. Having just watched the film I would rate it at least a 7! Mickey Rourke produces his best performance since the wrestler and spun, to compare it it to his most recent work. Mickey is one of the best of all time when he is at this level, in a movie deserving of his skills. Passion play also stars Bill Murray who displays a performance to equal his excellent display in mad dog and glory, playing a similarly dark character Bill shows that he is equal to the best in a serious role. Having not been exposed to any of Megan Fox's past performances I can say she was excellent in her role and has great chemistry with Rourke. The score of the movie is perfect and added to the dream like atmosphere created by the movies director, in fact the whole production is top notch, professionally handled by a director who has created some really beautiful scenes. One you will watch more than once if you appreciate high quality acting and stylish direction.

Reviewed by raman-pthk 8 / 10 / 10

Good movie...surprised to see what critics said about it

Don't know why most of the critics have lambasted the movie. It was a nice and entertaining movie, good story, all the actors have played their part beautifully. Megan Fox for once have shown some acting skills, Mr. Rourke is good and Bill Murray as always was excellent. The story was good, a bit predictable about the action Rourke will take. I was a bit surprised with the ending but that last smile on Mickey Rourke's face was enough to tell what was going through the entire movie. I have read about what happened with the movie in TIFF and what Mr Rourke have said about the movie. But if anyone is thinking to watching this movie should first through these comments out of the mind. Watch this movie without any prejudice. All in all if someone will spend his one and half hour to watch this movie that will be spent good.

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