Patsy & Loretta


Biography / Drama / Music

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Jane McNeill as Whiskey Soaked Lady
Janine Turner as Hilda Hensley
Kyle Schmid as Charlie Dick
Megan Hilty as Patsy Cline
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by justamommy 9 / 10 / 10

Great movie on their friendship

I grew up LOVING Patsy Cline & was obsessed with the movie Sweet Dreams ( movie based on her w/Jessica Lange playing Patsy) We got to see very little about her friendship with Loretta Lynn but some on the Cole miners daughter movie, so I was VERY excited to see this movie. I thought Mehan Hilty did an AMAZING job playing Patsy so much so I didnt even see Megan only Patsy. Muller did a great Job playing Loretta & seeing their friendship & then how Lynn's youngest was named after Patsy put tears in my eyes . I LOST it When at the end you see how Loretta helped Charlie out after his breakdown of losing his wife & how it effects her. I balled!! Idk how much is true but I do know that Julie Fudge ( Patsy's daughter) & Patsy Lynn ( Lorettas' daughter named after patsy) was involved with the movie I saw their names involved in producing. If you are a fan or grew up like I did loving Patsy, ( even though i was only 10 years old when the 1985 movie Sweetdreams came out) no matter how old you are you will truly love this touching movie of friendship between 2 lovely talented ladies that stuck together instead of trying to be in competition with in a cut throat industry having each others backs. It really was great story!

Reviewed by debrahnava-52496 8 / 10 / 10

What a Great Movie about Friendships Between Women

I thought this movie was very well made. Both actresses were wonderful in their parts. Such a beautiful albeit sad story. Loved how both their daughters collaborated on this endeavor, I'm sure their mothers are proud.

Reviewed by cathysimms816 8 / 10 / 10


Loved the movie!! Megan did a real good job playing, Patsy Cline!! I didn't see Megan, I saw Patsy!!

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