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Bill Hickman as Guard Who Whips Vince
George C. Scott as Jake Terrell
Karl Malden as Franco Arnò
Paul Frees as Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nabor7 10 / 10 / 10

The Classic War Movie

Not much can be said of this movie that already hasn't been said. It captures the war, the man, and the conflict of the two. I thought the movie was very nicely tied together and I thought the reflections of Patton on the past was very necessary. Patton believed in reincarnation so in looking back at historical battles you can see how Patton developed his strategy. He was a student of great leaders and commanders and the movie developed that thought really well. The movie presented the characters, the actual war history, and the Germans extremely well and it is no wonder this movie received the awards it did. After watching this movie over and over again, I'm convinced that no one could have played Patton any better than George C. Scott. You can tell from the movie that he put everything he had into the character. My father-in-law was an officer under Patton in the 3rd. Army and has said over and again how realistic the movie is. I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for an excellent re-telling of WWII history.

Reviewed by Clothahump 10 / 10 / 10

Outstanding work by George Scott

The best comment on this film was made by my father. This was the last movie he saw in a theater. He had served under Patton in WW2 and said that Scott had nailed Patton's character and mannerisms so perfectly that halfway through the opening speech, he expected Scott/Patton to look down and say, "[email protected]%#[email protected], Sears, get a haircut - your hair's too &#%#$%@ long!"

Reviewed by arthurclay 10 / 10 / 10

A great war film

And the best performance from an Actor in history. George C. Scott is General Patton, the greatest General of World War II and the most controversial. Scott gives the performance of a lifetime if Patton watched this film he couldn't tell the difference himself. Scott portrays him the way he was, not the way he should be or the way we would like him to be. Patton is Patton, tough, resilient, fearless, sarcastic, angry, witty, cultured, charming, bull-headed, uncompromising, temperamental, and more patriotic than Uncle Sam on the 4th of July. The speech at the beginning with him in front of the American flag sets the tone. It's his way or the highway. And Patton is driving. His antics tick off the high command and rankle his subordinates but they all can't argue with his success. Karl Malden is his good friend and at times adversary General Bradley who is as resourceful as Patton is eccentric and they make a great pair. Every time Patton has a victory he screws it up by way of his gargantuan mouth. But he keeps going. When disaster strikes he always manages to pull defeat out of his rear and strike a blow for the 2nd Corps or the 3rd Army or whatever army he's commanding. His soldiers love him, his soldiers hate him, but his soldiers fight for him regardless because they know he's the best. Patton's rise is like Patton's fall, momentous. His last line is the most telling of all. "They remind us that glory, like everything else, is fleeting." Glory may be fleeting but this movie won't be. Perhaps the best war movie in history.

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