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Amy Brenneman as Kim Trainer
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Yaya DaCosta as LaRhette
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by visorman3 8 / 10 / 10

Back Yard Pool !

I just saw this film at the Santa Barbara Intl Film Fest. The director and some of the actors and production team were on hand after for a q and a ?? Peel played by Emile Hirsch lives with his mother. His Father ran off with his 2 older brothers when he was very young. He has a very close relationship with his Mother, played by Amy Brenneman ,but when she dies he decides to try and locate his lost brothers and rents out a room in his house to finance the search. Peel is kinda different from most folks so his new roommates try to take advantage of him but also coach him on girls and things. A really attractive Asian girl likes Peel. So the journey to find his brothers begins. I will not spoil it with how the story plays out, but will say Bravo enjoyed the Film and characters ! Big applause at end from audience

Reviewed by Lupe50 9 / 10 / 10

An absolute must-see movie!

Prepare to fall in love with Peel; the character and the movie. A beautiful story of innocence, simplicity, family and friendship, that melts your heart and leaves you wishing the movie did not end. The characters are incredibly relatable and real, as are the scenes and the dialogue. A beautifully written, produced and directed piece with depth and solidity we all crave to see more of. Superb!

Reviewed by julieaglassman 9 / 10 / 10

A subtle, nuanced coming-of-age story

Think "Being There" with a dose of "Napoleon Dynamite", this beautiful film is an homage to the human condition and our struggle to belong. The performances are nuanced and restrained while managing to deliver a powerful emotional punch. I was left with the undeniable feeling that we are all truly "enough"; that it is okay to come as we are. That we can be loved regardless of our idiosyncrasies and weaknesses. If you are open to its subtle messages and quiet, teachable moments you too will be astounded by its impact.

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