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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by P_B_W_Brian 9 / 10 / 10

Beats most of the American movies I've seen this year

I'm a native American and saw this movie in a theater with maybe 30 Indians (sorry, I'm old enough to find multiple ironies in that sentence). Anyway, I went into this movie with no expectations. Though I've seen a number of Indian movies over the last few years, I knew nothing of this author or director. I laughed out loud more than I have for any Hollywood movie this year. My cohorts found it even funnier than I, but I guarantee you that you don't need to know that much about Indian politics or media to get most of this satire. It starts with a farmer deciding to commit suicide to get his family the $2000 that may save his farm from foreclosure. From there, the media and government turn it into a circus, stepping all over themselves in their self-serving ways. It suffers only in minor ways from a few slow spots and odd shifts in tone, but these are worth sitting through. It's currently showing here only at a suburban Atlanta theater that shows a combination of H-wood and B-wood. This should have been picked up by some American distributer when it showed at Sundance. Hopefully, enough people will see it and generate the buzz to get it to a wider audience.

Reviewed by sanjay-patole 8 / 10 / 10

Excellent !

The film is a hard hitting satire about the country, its people and the living conditions. More importantly, it has exposed the Indian psyche. It shows that India is not run by anybody. It runs on its own. The movie also depicts the news media in its true and natural color. I had personally once noticed that "Knee surgery for the PM" was the headline and "24 farmers commit suicide in a week" was under "News in brief" section. Some news channel report every news item as "Breaking news". Basically, they magnify, marginalize and sometimes distort any news depending upon who controls them. Everyone has vested interests. All news channels have just one objective. Drive up their rankings. To do that, they will go to any extent. The movie also depicts politicians in their true color. It is a known fact that they will do anything to win the elections. Well, you cant expect anything else from them because 99% of them are high class thugs. The movie is not meant for the average Indian who expects the formula (1 hero + 1 heroine + villains + 4 love songs + i item girl song + 4 fight scenes) I loved the language used in the film. It is the way a farmer would speak. No fancy monologues (usually referred to as dialogues). There are a few bad words and I wonder what the impact will be if those are removed. I strongly recommend this movie because the situations are quite funny and at times you will laugh like crazy. So go ahead and enjoy!

Reviewed by anudge 8 / 10 / 10

Nattha, nut tha .

If there's one man in India whom we could term as the Godfather of Bollywood it would be Aamir Khan. Aamir's third consecutive blockbuster , Peepli Live is the ultimate mockery of the Indian Press and The Indian Government. It pragmatically shows us the extremes of Political Conflict and Media 'Sensations'. One of The peculiarity of this movie is the consistent and coherent digression from the protagonist's dilemma to other subsidary comic stories that come up. These short comic mockeries work out wonders for Peepli Live. Talking about the acting, i would not think twice before saying that these village actors are better than Bollywood actors who could just go do some Advertisements and forget about movies. Natthu ,the protagonist hardly said a word, yet his expression and acting made him an awe-inspiring character on the screen. Even Rajpal Yadav wouldn't have played this part so well. The last phase of the movie was a bit disappointing as compared to the rest of it. The movie literally portrayed no seriousness and gave no chance for sympathy until the 80th minute. Immediately and abruptly after that , the movie ended with a meant-to-be-disturbing ending which failed to achieve its motive of an instant change in mood of the viewers; abandoning us somewhere between sympathy and humour - just like what happens when you laugh out at a prank played in class and the next movement be punished by your teacher. But never mind, the movie delivered what it had to - it probably taught the Indian government and Press a lesson , and gave them strong reason to be ashamed of themselves. Don't miss this one, you never know, you may not get a movie as good as this one for a decade or so - this is BOLLYWOOD after all.

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