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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dearlydeported 5 / 10 / 10

Nice try, Disney.

G rated, really? Graphic violence, nudity, adult themes - inappropriate for young kids. Emperor Penguins have no clothes on. This exudes Disney all over. This film does not even come close to the quality of Planet Earth.

Reviewed by Curt1030 7 / 10 / 10

Scary for highly sensitive kids

I'm a bit upset that a G-rated Disney film included a half-dozen moments of peril. Predators try to eat the penguins. Babies get separated from parents. Foreboding music kicks in. Mom and Dad penguins might never meet again. Our highly-sensitive 8 y.o. said, "I hate this movie!" "I want to go right now!" Had it been PG, I wouldn't have been so surprised by the mild, yet realistic peril. Smart, empathetic kids recognize existential dread. Curt

Reviewed by cwjackson-70156 7 / 10 / 10

Disney's Playful Documentary of Penguins

Leave it to Stevie, he can get the job done. He's a first-year dad sharing with his lovely spouse the challenging responsibility of raising two, growing youngsters. To get to that junction, Steve had to build a foundation to cultivate his household. He has to travel to the right location, build and protect his home, and wait to meet his possibly life-long partner. You might imagine I'm talking about young suburbans in America or elsewhere in global communities. They are penguins, this is their story with Steve taking the lead as narrator Ed Helms guides along in the icy frontier. With a general title, Penguins is a whimsical and clever take on a well-known delightful film animal. You might recall the 2005 documentary, March of the Penguins which provided a more realistic perspective of these birds life. They have been the subject of some fictional live action and animation movies. This here is familiar penguin material, the filmmakers' awareness prompt them to keep it entertaining. With a fish-full of life lessons without preaching, Penguins relates to young and older ones the struggles of raising a family with less intensity of the March of Penguins, and with more fun. There are many humorous moments, some a bit strained but not irritating. Steve and his wife, Adelene face hardships feeding their children, from hungry predators, and harsh weather. It is a choice family film and a rare full length G-rated movie. I viewed it with a small audience of children with their guardians and elderly persons. The photography is spacious and exceptional. The storyline might push its limits a bit, Penguins was a pleasure to watch and wonder about these tuxedo fur characters.

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